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For the 5th successive year, Deloitte's annual 'Capture the Flag' competition is back. Targeting selected universities across the UK the event is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate their technical and advisory cyber-skills.

This competition tests students' penetration testing, forensics, malware and intrusion analysis skills in a fun and competitive environment.

There are two events: A qualifying round hosted remotely, followed by an all-day final for the top scoring teams only.

You must be a registered student to join and will compete against other UK-based university teams.

As well as cash prizes for the top 3 teams, the winning team members will each receive a limited-edition Deloitte CTF challenge coin.

Deloitte CTF Qualifiers 2019
* Event start datetime (UTC): 12:00 5th November 2019
* Event finish datetime (UTC): 12:00 6th November 2019
* Official site URL:
* Event format: jeopardy
* The qualifiers are online (finals are held at London HQ)
* Organizers team name: "Deloitte CTF"
* Prizes: Top 10 teams gain entry to final. 1st : £3000, 2nd : £2000, 3rd : £1000. Challenge coins awarded to top team and winner of physical challenge.

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