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LakeCTF is the first CTF hosted by polygl0ts (and friends), the CTF team of EPFL.

For the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the IC Faculty at EPFL we organize a CTF with on-site finals.

Challenge Categories : Pwn, Rev, Crypto, Web, and Misc

CTF events

LakeCTF Finals24.00
LakeCTF Qualifications23.96
Related tags: forensics python pentesting networking music #crypto nothing penetration reverse engineering linux exploitation web watching pwn reversing jail escape python3.8 rev john user-agent php spectrogram log sqli git gpg crypto common-factor gcd latex latex scala dom-clobbering cbc pgp rsa blockchain quine evm misc merkle-tree ethereum console signature stackcanary csp-bypass csp xss asan github create2 unintended-solution linker canary arm docker arm64 saferuby