Voting ended at: May 3, 2020, 4 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.39 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 b3y0nd3r Good ctf

25 FeDEX Nice pwns

25 chitkara.abhi nice

25 datajerk intermediate to advanced, good infrastructure, great admins, better than most university ctfs getting >25.

25 ra1 Very difficult challenges

25 paulie42 Very difficult challenges (even the Welcome challenge was not easy). But I definitely learned something new.

25 DaKeiser nice ctf

25 idan22moral Pretty good challenges!

25 CmdEngineer Much fun, amazing challenges. I really liked the web

25 c3rb3ru5 Good challenges

21 streaker_rules Nice challs

25 F055il215 :)

25 smaury Nice CTF

25 saw-your-packet Challenging

25 nosurf Ok CTF :D

25 lyellread Challenging, Misc was guess-y

25 Akuma nice ctf

25 grubburg Good breadth of challenges with range of difficulty levels

25 josephsurin Fun challenges with mostly medium difficulty

25 backdoorcipher Good Challenges.

25 ypl Very tough but fun. Finally learned how to do heap, as well as how to program in MARIO.

25 b3ch1r Good CTF !

25 empty.jack Not so bad, do it again!

25 Amun-Ra The ctf was good!

25 zavinator Zajebisty ctf :)

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

5 Pharisaeus easy/guessy/stolen challs + wrong time on ctftime (!)

25 Cyb3rz0n3 Great challenges

25 Skad0sh It was very tough (even the welcome challenge took hours for me to complete :joy:)but at the same time it was really cool too, good job guys

25 careless_finch It was hard but amazing challenges.

25 pcback good

25 shellcxd3 good ctf

25 c00p4rklynn it was hard but really intereting

20 ptr-yudai liked some pwns/revs. some tasks (especially crypto/for) are toooo guessing.

25 rev4fun challenge was so cool!

25 kitae good

25 ResponsibleAdult nice

25 v4d3r Nicely distributed diffuculties among the challenges.

9 1MiKHalyCH1 UcucugaCTF

25 keltecc please provide the source code for all crypto next time

25 arru Intense CTF. 10/10

9 _HK Nice challenges/

25 [deleted user] good challs

25 Van0Jan It's very hard CTF

25 stuxn3t Cool CTF. Enjoyed the challenges. More forensics next time :)

25 FOLKS-iwd Fun ! but u should clarify time on this ctf and tasks schedule , Gj !

25 stackola High quality CTF! Admins very responsive, makes up for the few reliability issues.

25 bhvima Fun!

25 floesen nice crypto challenges

25 Managarmr Thanks

25 t_r3x Awesome

25 wski Xd

25 -Bin nice

25 maro Thanks !