Voting ended at: April 6, 2020, 12:30 a.m.

Weight after voting: 0.00 / 0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.

This events weight was set by admins to 0.00.


62 warlock_rootx network and web good

1 SIben Adjusting for unrealistic 62 votes.

57 LusKr3w Over all a good ctf and very responsive admins, the only category that needed work was crypto challenges.

62 truoc_phan great

62 lyellread A range of challenges that included exciting ones and challenging ones. I loved TAMUctf

2 sampriti Anyone voting above 30 on this ctf is a clown

1 gnx 62 points for a highschool CTF? wtf

62 y12uN well designed

62 CSN3RD Great CTF. A bit long but challenges were great and had a range of difficulties.

62 Heichou Really funny, maybe 7 days is enough but challenges were 10/10

62 Lotus98 Awesome CTF, all the challenges were a lot of fun!

62 ReverseBrain Very well organized, great challenges, great infrastructure

62 ODG The best ctf I've ever attended. Instructive and fun challenge. Different types of challenge. Admin present and friendly.

34 CSN3RD Challenges were harder than some of the other ctf's which had weights of 25. Some of the challenges were harder due to infra problems, misla

1 FOLKS-iwd this CTF dosent' deserve 41 to get 62 :3 , u need to adjust that

25 HansAnonymous Despite organizational failures, challs were generally good. Lots of improvements can be made for next year's CTF.

62 __beowulf__ Nice

1 Rodbert Global points for this ctf are against rules and against common sense: see comment section.

62 mdaliakbar98 nicee

20 nikost Fun entry-level ctf but not worth 40+ points. +Admin communication&network tasks. -guessy misc/crypto&TOC_TO_WHO situation

21 K4L1 Some great challs, but lot of guessing and "crypto"[REV] challs. Please do better on 2021 we like your CTF

21 adrianoribeiro Great event for teams that are starting in the CTF world. Some challenges were great, but some others were terribly badly done. A lot of gue

9 terjanq

1 9b07c09897f13ed77a1cef50a5ad3f toxic challenge labeling, shellshock in pwn, seriously?

1 XeR

1 theKidOfArcrania See

10 Redford Too much organizational failures, including leaking challenges before the CTF... Longer feedback:

62 adrianoribeiro Great