Voting ended at: March 29, 2020, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 41.71 / 47.100

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


47 Kahla awesome CTF

47 [deleted user] slider isn't allowing for higher weight, but it definitely deserves more weight

20 _Ph03N1X_ cool CTF

47 V0lk3n Nice ctf

47 V0lk3n Nice ctf

47 insomn14 good ctf

47 insomn14 good ctf

1 NieDzejkob Lots of people seem to be voting max. I feel like this warrants a harsher vote. See my previous comment.

47 lionaneesh Good ctf. Nice pwns

47 Shirajuki Good

47 kratel good infra, cool challenges

47 localmost nice

47 rev4fun Funny

47 BlackWarriorXTN good tasks i like the forensics ! keep up

10 hxp challenges were either relatively basic or random guessing or both. some needed several hints to make sense at all. unstable infrastructure.

47 KOOLI gj

47 kitae good

45 0x31A good

47 V4bel good

47 F055il215 :)

47 marshmallowqwq perfect Infrastructure, love kmh

47 marshmallowqwq perfect Infrastructure, love kmh

47 pcback good

47 kerz Perfect Infrastructure.

47 reminthink Nice CTF

47 En1gma nice ctf bro <3

47 maro Thanks

47 Kahla Absolutely fun , nice creative tasks and a good infrastructure

32 shy71 ,

10 NieDzejkob The crypto challs were weird, source hidden only adding a guessing factor, and not interesting problem. One was mixed with steg/foren - wut?

47 guygo Fun CTF :) Most of the challenges were great

47 KhalilTounes So cool CTF , Enjoyed the Tasks , The organization team is very nice

47 ikuamike Enjoyed

47 Akuma Nice

47 H4MA niceeeeee

10 mr96 very guessy crypto...

47 xTK I was very good

45 aenniw nice one

47 Kuruwa great

47 FOLKS-iwd Perfect infrastructure , good quality ctf , deserves more , see u next time , ??

45 time A very fun ctf. The pwn challenges were unique and interesting. The crypto could use some improvements.

40 4darkstar9 Good CTF

47 Aracna very good ctf with amazing pwn tasks !

36 meowmeowxw Pwn challenges fun & tricky, reversing not great not terrible, overall nice ctf

47 __beowulf__ good ctf

47 SpaceCat Good CTF. But very hard tasks

47 Mal4ensics very gooooood ctf!

2 Mal4ensics very goooooood ctf!

47 arang good ctf

47 epist good ctf, real

15 nazywam Guessy osint and forensics, kinda repetetive re

5 Eternal that it doesn't exit at all. Overall challenges were very simple. They only contained some guessy tricks.

5 Eternal Guessy crypto challenges. in pwn I didn't reverse function `5 - Exit` because every one know what it is supposed to do... But it turned out

47 myria Good CTF

47 realsung good joib

47 nonetype great

47 03sunf was gooooood!

47 j0n9hyun great

47 JSec good ctf