Voting ended at: April 13, 2020, 4 a.m.

Weight after voting: 22.51 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 streaker_rules great

25 nroot goofy

25 nosurf Top notch

25 SgtSIGSEGV Great variety. Keep up the good work

25 0ssigeno We want more pwn!

25 Scalpel Really good

25 spikytuna Pretty fun

25 GDASL Good fun!

23 shinmai A lot of fun, only few minor technical issue, can't wait to see this team run a ctf again!

25 Moreonenight A Fun CTF

21 idan22moral Pretty good CTF, had a good time, but had some categories that (i think) should not be included next time.

25 vairelt Very nice ctf! :)

25 [deleted user] Very nice ctf, I had fun. However someone in my team had issues with the orgs

25 0@0__im_4_p41m4__0@0 Best CTF, to all time!

25 1ynx Nice CTF

25 locutor Nice

25 Al3x2 thnx

25 Ji@Hyeongeun Server is bad.. but ctf is nice

25 Eol So Interesting. Had a good time playing

25 SpaceCat good

18 7h3_b00g3ym4n Well Balanced CTF

25 gajrajgchouhan infrastructure could be improved

25 Lunga good ctf

25 0utWrest really good

25 coreflood cool

21 n1kunj Nice CTF

23 rezkyfm nice

25 shok spasibo

25 redboot A lot of interesting challenges although some of them were guessy and the server was lagging a lot which made the experience unpleasant

25 Asc3 Verfy fun

25 a.simaranov Nice

25 shiv_ka_ansh nice

25 abhay interesting challenges

25 grubburg Good range of challenges however often challenges were guessy and relied on rabbitholes to make challenges artificially more difficult

25 sheg Really cool CTF not only for beginners but for teams with experience too.

25 ant5044 Very fun CTF

25 reminthink Good CTF

25 bhu_ nice

25 bhu_ nice

25 ataysec good CTF

25 insomn14 Nice CTF

25 H4MA nice

24 truoc_phan nice

25 _Ph03N1X_ Nice CTF

21 danyspin97 Nice CTF but many challenges had unintended solutions. Overloaded servers.

25 WickdDavid Nice ctf, admins were available h24

25 apoirrier Very nice CTF! A lot of challenges and categories. Need to have better servers though

20 T1m3-m4ch1n3 Nice CTF

25 xreconkillerx Good CTF

23 izufic Excluding guessing, very good CTF

25 languis .

25 languis .

6 LokiGadd good ctf

25 imswag77 gg

18 ant5044 Very fun CTF

25 c3p0xrt nice ctf

23 eWorkaholics goo

25 tahitictf Enjoyed the pwning challenges

25 Mugiw4r4 Very good ctf

25 stephencurry396 fun challenges

15 roflanLUL A lot of guessing

25 Z3D Good

21 isk Lot's of guessing

19 HIGH0101 good

18 y4mm1 Very nice and good CTF

25 3mm4h3ff Great CTF!!

7 TwentyOneCool Bad infrastructure; Trivia was more about finding out how to find the correct format; Password cracking is a nice idea

11 reb311ion Could've used less guessing

12 SemahBA not bad

25 Aakash074 Good CTF

25 sirnef Lot of guessing but fun

25 SadKris Mods weren't great, they had bad servers, insulted members, and changed challenge values and names a lot, overall extremely unprofessional

22 PausBenedictus Most challenges were well done and covered a broad array of difficulties. Some others were experimental but didn't make a lot of sense

25 Er73r5y Great CTF with amazing mods.

25 nroot Covers basic to advanced level challenges!

25 Burgos1337 Nice web and crypto challs!

25 ckwx nice ctf challenge.

22 0xTrinity_Zer0 valuable ctf,,

25 CmdEngineer Really good CTF, had a lot of fun.

24 apoirrier Very nice CTF! A lot of categories and a lot of fun challenges.

25 streaker_rules Nice CTF categories

25 imswag77 Very informative ctf

25 0xd4127c3c very informative ctf

25 Aregix Nice CTF! Great for people with various levels of experience!

25 dr_doofus Really enjoyed password cracking! Work on CTFd load issues next time :)

25 Ji@Hyeongeun nice. but server is not work...

23 IntoTheTwilight nice but the server... And less guessing maybe better

25 xerus niceeeee

24 python4004 nice

25 V0lk3n One of the best ctf of the year, we really enjoy it

10 olivato Subtract 1337 and you will get prime numbers... Sequence and Trivia are 2 categories that didn't make sense at all

25 rainman Good entry levvel ctf

25 k0wa1ski Quality CTF with a unique range of challenges on top of the usual (password cracking, trivia, OSINT). Something for everyone.

25 mdaliakbar98 nicee

19 mirai nice

25 slopey nice

25 josephsurin Responsive and helpful admins and accessible challenges. Infra could be improved

25 Yaseer_elsnbary nice ctf

25 Alexius Good CTF, with various challenges, some guessing too many

25 yabakhar yu7tyu67tyu

25 lyellread Awesome CTF as far as the challs I did, interesting OSINT. Definitely some challenging challenges

25 Shirajuki Fun and educating

25 __beowulf__ Gg

25 0utWrest very hard

25 d3xf Fun CTF

25 insomn14 i learn a lot from this ctf

22 Rakabidasta

25 kalex My first CTF! Had lot of fun, thx :)

25 0xkasper

25 a.simaranov Tasks are very interesting and not too impossible

5 BlackWarriorXTN lot of guessy tasks

25 SpaceCat Cool CTF. Easy CTF

25 AlphaChaos Nice entry level ctf with a good mix and variety of challenges. Positive pro-active admins

25 Zarkrosh I liked the trivia section, but it was more difficult to guess the format of the answer than the answer itself. I learnt many things from it

25 slopey nice

25 Mou nice ctf

5 lionaneesh Had guessing challenges. But some pwns and revs were interesting.

25 esoj Nice

25 DaanBreur noice ctf

20 vikasgola good ctf, but poor website

25 yassinereptor Nice CTF

25 v3ntur4X Nice CTF!

10 Fuiji_no_Hiroshima G-U-E-S-S-I-N-G

25 maximilianomeyer1 Very nice CTF

25 0x31A Nice CTF

25 _k0imet Excellent CTF ....?? More like this please

25 ricardojoserf Nice ctf

25 galoget Nice CTF, very interesting challenges, the only issue was the availability of the CTF platform, I couldn't submit the flags (Error 500).

21 PedroHLC Not easy but not totally impossible too, had a really great time! Con: In bash challs others teams could temper a lot with your challenge

25 m3ssap0 Good CTF! Nice web and awesome OSINT.

25 hack-rohan nice ctf, especially the osint

21 TheQuickBrownFox Some challs were great, but others, like from trivia, needed an exact answer, regexing should be the way to go. Had a lot of fun, congrats!

23 echobash The Ctf had many mind boggling questions. Especially the prime sequence question was well drafted.

20 Lip4ik good ctf but so boring crack tasks

20 EdbR Good ctf , site is pretty slow

15 optional good ctf

25 oniisama great ctf

5 PinkDraconian Could've used less guessing

10 TheLillo Nice, maybe next time less hint and less guessing. Thanks to all Organizers

20 Jandrov Good variety of categories and levels

20 hasu Interesting categories, but too much guessing.

25 shiv_ka_ansh nice

25 durkinza Great event

20 nag0mez Great CTF. Some guessy flags, but also new and hard challenges

25 Mokey Nice one

25 snowiee0x45 Greatest flags !!

20 Maltemo Great CTF but be careful about errors 500

22 sechopgoblin ok

25 iliushin Nice CTF, variety of tasks, a lot of fun. Very nice organization

25 Hexer It really was a fun ctf

25 Sirendlo COOL!

25 Razvi Really well designed challenges. The difficulty was ranging from easy to hard and points were very balanced.

25 marshmallowqwq Fun misc

25 0xae20 A lot of great challenges, the fact there was a lot of teams and challenges convinced me this CTF should be highly weighted.

25 [deleted user] fun ctf

25 sandy999 Although site was slow a lot of times, challenges were great!

18 redcocoon Quite a unique CTF. It is a bit chaotic but authors are quick to respond to any problems you might encounter.

25 archercreat cool ctf but poor infrastructure

16 J33735H for school going students and college students it is good..

20 Akuma site slow

1 lionaneesh poor ctf. Questions not related to security at all. I enjoyed the pwn house, it had some dr. strange references.

10 captainGeech Too much guessing

25 Akuma good ctf but site so slow

25 Al3x2 I would like to regard my thankfulness for this challenge

25 meme-lord Fun CTF :D

24 nullarmor pretty cool ctf

25 [deleted user] awesome ctf

25 fex0r Some guessing challenges, but it was quite nice

25 Haskell nice ctf with a great variety of challenges

20 FOLKS-iwd nice ctf but too long

21 bigpick Nice CTF; wish as many hints and information wasn't given on the discord and that some challenges were a bit less guesswork from the get go

25 Lotus98 Very nice CTF, had a lot of fun.

25 2kofawsome Slow site at time, but good challenges

25 _Ph03N1X_ Nice challs

16 angustrau Great CTF!

25 JanKruse nice challenges, trivia was a lot of guessing for the correct name

17 BlackAce Good one!

10 BlackAce Good one!

24 En1gma nice reversing, but -1 for bad server, you need rebuild this server better <3

25 moraes Nice ctf

25 slow_coder pretty good for starting out :)

25 anassech132 nice one

25 tr4kj good ctf

25 ODG Many challenges of varying difficulty. Original and fun categories.

25 Heichou Nice CTF, I had fun

22 LusKr3w Good ctf and responsive admins, but some of trivia questions could've been better and clearer in what they were asking for

25 m1gnus Good CTF, but a lot of guessing

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

24 ReverseBrain Good CTF, lot of categories but I expected more difficult web challenges

25 F055il215 :)

23 shinmai Fun CTF with a nice variety of tasks. Some server stability issues, but admins were responsive and proactive.

17 nikost Nice entry level ctf with a variety of tasks. Reactive admins and challenges rebuilt every hour. But half the tasks had guessing.

25 mdaliakbar98 niceee