Voting ended at: April 19, 2020, 10 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.29 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 coreflood cool

22 Daddy_Zuccherato Beautiful ctf

19 franco-marino well made

19 jacopotediosi Nice CTF, well balanced challenges. Had fun with my team.

25 _k0imet Loved each bit of it

25 master245 gr8

18 White_Rabbit Loved the pen test XD

25 mboehn I didn't clear enough time, but for a new casual CTFer this was fun. My teammates didn't particularly enjoy the OSINT tasks, but I did!

25 B1M0110 t

25 mssassi a

25 ickyphuz AAA

20 Masrt200 well made, quite fun

20 Masrt200 well made, quite fun

19 Adikso Good one but there was some guessing

25 marshmallowqwq pen test is fun

25 _k0imet Aha some interesting think out of the box Challenges

25 karimura Good!

25 Lunga good ctf

25 dobsec fun stuff, good mix of difficulty levels

25 SiteQ8 gr8 ctf

20 Fuiji_no_Hiroshima Fun

20 gnunez I loved it! More like this would be wonderful ;-)

25 t0mcr8se gr8 ctf m8

22 prisnelov Nice For Beginners

16 VKolenikova Wonderful for beginners!

21 AlessandroZanatta Not bad

25 b4n4n4s Most Balanced CTF I have ever seen in a while Great job

25 TheQuickBrownFox great pwn intros, interesting CTF

25 y12uN Interesting CTF. Crypto is easy.

25 Nexov Nice CTF, but tasks categorization should be better

25 yassinereptor nice

15 Lip4ik so so

25 5w1ru95 It wasnt easy task. Have a great time to improve skills and solve some problems.

25 m0nt3 Good times :)

25 d347h4ck Nice ctf)

25 8u9hUn73r Nice CTF

25 python4004 good

21 bigpick Architecture was good; site being up mostly was refreshing. Not a fan of impossible pentest or crypto format; overall good challs

25 Jord4563 Fun challenges, helpful admins

25 josephsurin good infrastructure, responsive admins, some fun challenges

25 Mokey Nice

25 Lightning5 Very nice high-end beginner CTF

25 KyleForkBomb Very nice CTF, responsive admins and interesting challenges

25 Al3x2 good

25 moraes Nice ctf

12 HadesMM Nice Challenges but still need to define hints exactly.

25 arinerron <3 too op

25 _Ph03N1X_ Very nice CTF

25 rainman Fun

25 scarl3tt twas fun

25 PHILd Very fun!

25 kitae good

25 lamchcl good

25 CSN3RD Great CTF.

25 Aregix Very good CTF, lots of fun challenges and the challenging ones are as good as usual.

25 Pepe Great CTF, very helpful organizers.

25 sarkadicsa Enjoyed it

25 3mm4h3ff excellent ctf

25 joshdabosh hackerone chall was...

25 teapot good

25 oniisama fun. got me thinking about poop emojis still

25 F055il215 :)

25 datajerk good range of difficulty (pwn), good infrastructure, great admins

25 [deleted user] really good ctf :)

25 AlphaChaos :)

25 Noxy_proxy Great Challenges and great staff

25 H4MA nice

25 woa fucking banger

14 the_potato overall good ctf

25 alphasupreme77 nice ctf

20 TwentyOneCool Nice grouped challenges; stable environment

25 sirnef nice challenges

25 galoget Awesome CTF with very interesting challenges, enjoyed a lot solving them.

25 Internaut401 Excellent ctf for beginners and intermediates, with an excellent balance between the challenges.

25 skarface nice

25 skarface Nice challenges, from very easy to very hard , loved the InCtrl Challenge !

10 c00p4rklynn The ctf was really nice.

25 m3ssap0 Nice CTF.

25 iN4n0 Perfect infrastructure, funny and challenging CTF. All staff members and sponsors were fantastic

25 Yodakasi ;)

25 apoirrier Very cool challenges, from very easy to very hard :) Really loved the impossible pentest chall

25 Chronos The CTF had perfect infrastructure, very cool challenges(especially coding) and despite being beginner had some quite challenging things.

25 pop_eax Awesome CTF, had a lot of new ideas

25 hongwei123 Challenging

25 PausBenedictus nice CTF with fun and engaging admins

25 arinerron i use arch btw. Anyway, the CTF was super fun and honestly educational. Oh, and I use Arch Linux by the way.

25 NotDeGhost Very high quality challenges

25 RealJammy enjoyable with perfect infrastructure ?

20 chitkara.abhi Amazing CTF

18 chitkara.abhi Amazing CTF

25 0xTrinity_Zer0 Amazing,,

16 tacopeland CTF was enjoyable and the infrastructure was perfect.

25 KKaP-t Enjoyable CTF

20 iN4n0 Very challenging CTF, that gave us hard time during those 48 hours. But still, it was really funny and the organizations was fantastic

18 scarl3tt n.a