Voting ended at: July 20, 2020, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 19.68 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


22 TexanElite Slightly guessy, but overall a good CTF

25 7h3_g0d Nice CTF

25 z3ro Great

25 _k0imet overall nicee challenge

25 Navprak A very good CTF

25 LaidMalik This was a very enjoyable CTF competition, the challenges were of a good range of difficulties.

25 strelok oof

25 _wh1t3r0se_ discord icon ooof

25 k0wa1ski Fun challenges of good range of difficulties. Can't deny there was some guessiness, but not enough to discourage us.

25 coder0ne My first ctf ^_^

18 BeyondPerception some guessiness, but overall good ctf

23 flag Knocking of points for the insanity challenge. Terribly guessy. It's obvious that the server icon can be downloaded!!

25 sshubhamk1 interesting

25 snwo_K0r3a Good ctf

25 happymondays fun ctf

25 pr0PM Was an awesome CTF, we enjoyed a lot.

25 thenishkarshagarwal the ctf was an amazing experience for me!

25 sh4d0wless good ctf

25 AK4E very good

25 Shunt a

10 itsecgary Good CTF. Some challs were guessy and there were a few challs that had a very similar solution pattern

23 insomn14 Great CTF

25 TistaMilani Nice

25 altareen It was a fun CTF.

25 gripingberry Fun but super guessy

24 oioki many challenges, not too much complicated; I had a lot of fun, but a couple of challenges went me crazy

25 Blacknote Super guessy challenges, challenge availability was bad, experienced lots of down time

5 jack4818 Many challenges were broken, or revised throughout the contest. Several challenges had difficulty though "guessing"

14 6R00T Awesome challanges

25 uraharasama123 nice ctf

25 NZT Nice one

25 pysu nice ctf

25 Com3dian great ctf

25 chitkara.abhi Awesome!

25 hackyeaster Great challenges

25 wi11_ good ctf

17 Grimmer some messy, some guessy, some cool challs. Not very newbie friendly tho

23 flyme2bluemoon It was a challenge

23 flyme2bluemoon It was a challenge

15 salad200 It was fun mixing songs

25 soulctf Great ctf, creative challenges, some of the forensics though seemed BS

25 soulctf Great ctf, creative challenges, some of the forensics though seemed BS

25 zekidgurbuz quite challenging and guessy but fun overall

19 Bin4ryGh0st Some challs were guessy

16 Bin4ryGh0st Some challs were guessy

20 jarp01 a great learning experience as a beginner.

25 thenishkarshagarwal THE CTF WAS AWESOME!

25 Geladen good job

25 snwo_K0r3a Very nice ctf

24 deuterium Did only crypto, some were great, rest were guessy. Good overall

10 ptr-yudai guess the flag. some tasks are good for educational purpose.

25 Piier GG boyz

25 suppapan gg

18 braunse Overall good balance, some easy, some hard. Little too guessy for my personal taste, but I had fun.

25 tete2soja really good challenges

1 MrEnigma you should make rev great again, so disappointed

25 HashingRoll balanced

25 Silenzt Was a nice ctf

25 AK4E Had fun!

25 noob-atbash awesome challenges

20 Wrth kinda guessy and pretty hard to learn anything useful from the chall, but perfect infrastructure

25 Pig__ Balanced and fun

17 wl10ami so fun

25 SpaceSprinkles Was a very fun CTF. Well balanced. Was a perfect learning experience. Thanks for the ctf :)

13 roerohan Was fun!

25 fruitfulBrute Interesting and unique challenges

25 vishalananth Awesome CTF with Easy/Intermediate level problems :D

24 themohitpapneja .

25 xerus Very good

25 sadn1ck Great CTF

25 arnab1729 Was a nice contest with problems ranging from easy to hard

25 e11i0t_ Good one

5 mystiz Misc are very guessy (except those algo chals, which is indeed trivial). Crypto and reverse are quite monotone.

25 white_wolf Very fun ctf but some challenges were tooo Guessy.

25 Mr.Happy Lot of challenges need to guess !

1 hans2000 guess

25 CryptoKap Overall nice tricky questions. Aimed for 500 points, but we couldn't make it.

20 siyujiang81 Fun CTF! Did not really appreciate bruteforce problems, but other than that generally good challs and I learned a lot!

25 sshubhamk1 questions were tricky overall awesome

25 sf_t4ng0 Great CTF! Good job!

20 jammy good ctf, but some challs were pretty guessy

25 perfect ctf

25 nella17 Nice problems

17 Techn0manCZ There was a lot of challenges that were kind of easy.

25 iqno Awesome CTF, worked very well. Admins friendly and great environment to be in (virtually lol).

10 hack_at_ash guessy

25 Nexerna Great CTF

25 Chevalier really nice ctf

25 bcmp Worked well.

2 sampriti Guess.

20 jyu78749 For a first ctf it's decent. Now they know what is good, bad, and went very wrong and can improve.

25 vihanb Good CTF. Quality shoobs included— expecting more next year.

17 Timeroot Challenges involved more-than-ideal guesswork -- a lot of "scavenger hunt" flags hidden in random places. Could've been more playtested

13 h3llh0und Hard challenges.

25 diogoscf Cool CTF

25 isaac.kane03 Good, some were a bit guessy.

23 drimacus Pretty cool

25 wraith good

22 Ethereal Really enjoyed misc/pwn/rev challs, although web challs were a bit simple or guessy.

25 JanKruse Good one

22 Antilochus Most of these challenges were relatively straightforward, and covered a decent range of topics

11 fl3x3dd Too many guessing tasks

25 vibonacci nice

1 pomo_mondreganto wtf are these tasks

21 justinsilver fun ctf, some guessy challs though

22 Matgro Finally a good challenge with few guess and only couple of bad challenges. Biggest problem: on Monday ppl works. Next time Saturday > Sunday

25 BlackCoffee163 a little guessy, but pretty solid

25 villan3lle Awesome CTF -- very well run and put together.

20 sirnef Nice platform.

25 ataysec nice CTF

25 shikataganai good CTF

25 INXS_JOY People who are saying it's guessy, wtf are you talking about. Great CTF. OSINTS and ZTC had a different take to it.

10 unblvr Too high ratio of misc/guess. Good beginner challenges, and fair "classic" challenges. Trim away troll/misc and this can become very decent.

21 NotDeGhost Good CTF for first time, probably could've had less guess challenges

20 ordbl0ke I don't know where all the comments about guessing are coming from :O I'd prefer more quality over quantity, though, thanks.

25 J33735H pretty good

1 dns Only did three challenges and had to message authors to fix something to make it solvable on all three, others were too guessy to want to do

10 ItzSomebody There were a few interesting chals; however, there was way too much guessing.

25 karmanyaahm first few problems were easy but the difficult ones were very difficult

25 ThePuzzlemaker good ctf, kinda hard for me alone 0_o but otherwise pretty good

25 robotsquid amazing ctf

21 iman4000 Good luck. More pwn please

25 Argonyte Loved the CTF!

9 Isopach Half of the challs were guess, I barely learnt anything

19 woa Good infra, and lots of cool ideas however many challs ranged from forensics guessy to pure guess god (see emoji chain)

12 1p4nm4n Random CTF, pretty unorganized, and a challenge I half solved was taken down in the middle of the ctf

25 JC01010 Pog

10 AC01010 Less guessing please, but overall pretty well run and :star: actually perfect infrastructure

8 m3rc1fulcameron Challenges were more or less concise, though some relied too much on guessing or trivia knowledge. Some challenges were broken or untested.

25 BigBoost Most challenges were creative and fun. Not enough pwn

12 [deleted user] compromise

25 yonatand it was a really fun ctf

25 moka great pwn and rev, overall fun and creative challenges.

23 _5h4rk_ Good challs but some of the challenges are guessy

25 Alioth Interesting!

22 RealJammy Pretty good ctf, great admins, only downside is all the guessy challs

20 cyberSponge Cool CTF, nice creative and interesting challenges

20 willwam845 While challenge quality and testing was lacking quite a bit, I definitely learned a couple things, and I enjoyed it a lot!

25 matdaneth The CTF was very high quality. Best quality I've seen for a while.

1 gdpr.1595821962.40b2e0a9180786 rgbgtf

20 clubby789 Had a lot of fun, infra was good and admins were helpful. Some challenges were a little guessy.

20 Fieldraccoon good ctf

20 Fieldraccoon good ctf

18 Good CTF, but lot of guessing

1 Tux_ Good CTF, but very guessy challenges in retrospect

6 Good CTF, But lot to guess

5 Robin_Jadoul High amount of guessing, several broken and/or untested challenges

25 icebrr

25 profiluefter Fun and interesting challenges!

25 insomn14 Good CTF, all the challenges are good. I learned a lot from this CTF

23 Mystrite Overall fun ctf! However, some challenges were very guessy.

25 deadl0ck Well done CTF! Nice challenges! Starting from beginner ones and then increasing difficulty