Voting ended at: Aug. 7, 2020, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 21.86 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 log13 good ctf

23 YASH ctf

25 oioki nice CTF. many challenges for all levels of skills

23 mutluexe It was good CTF Learned a lot! But there were some infrastructure problems..

21 mutluexe It was good CTF Learned a lot! But there were some infrastructure problems..

25 deNableD nice CTF with cool challenges

25 codeskill Good CTF

25 AK4E soo good

18 bighound So good CTF!!

25 VikedJoker Good CTF overall.

25 vidner good

25 galoget Very nice CTF, Scavenger Hunt was a lot of guessing, there were some infrastructure problems, but interesting challenges.

24 gvg nice challenges, some infra problems though

25 karmanyaahm There were some pretty difficult ones

15 WittsEnd2 Binary Execution and IOT were fun, but web had too much guessing. Felt like I was trying to figure out what to do rather than solving it.

18 deomkicer your static scoring is horrible

23 SrBleu Nice CTF

25 D00Movenok ucucuga confirmed

24 gr4n173 Cool.

8 Wrth Someone really need to tell John Hammond to stop having stego category in his ctfs, also dynamic scoring pls

21 Bin4ryGh0st Fun CTF

10 augustovich guessy challs, no fun

25 member_of_team_m Variety of challenges. Creative authors

25 W3rni0 really good CTF overall

25 vidner decent

25 FiveGuysHamburgers love the variety of challenges. well done

25 dr3sden Good Stuff

25 Scalpel Loved it!

25 BrOoDkIlLeR excelent event!

25 J33735H nice challenges.

25 suppapan gg

15 __s4r7h4k__ many guessy probs!!

10 sudhackar infra problems, weird challenges, difficulty distribution in challs was not that great - fix with dynamic scoring?

16 AnisBoss There was many non security related challenges.

25 [deleted user] nice challenges

21 willwam845 While myself enjoyed the crypto quite a bit, many of the other categories were very guessy. Couple problems with infra too.

25 F055il215 :)

15 yor mix of decent and guessy challenges

25 Aclostael Good ctf

15 Lazzaro lots of guessing.

25 thebongy nice :)

25 devploit nice ctf

25 blue_spiker Great ctf

22 hillcrestpaul0719 Great challs, but banning automated scanners on guessy challenges is questionable

20 9H057 Quite guessy, but still had a lot of fun with it.

25 AK4E Great CTf

22 DaKeiser Challenges were not that great and they lacked educational outcome. Web and Mobile challenges were great though. Infra wasn't great too.

25 3scalate It was real worth it for my first CTF!

25 wongyos Good event

25 Trashctf_haha Nice challs

25 arinerron HackerOne op

15 datajerk nice pwns, but static scoring

25 flyme2bluemoon very fun ctf

25 LockedByte AAAA

20 insomn14 Great ctf

20 roerohan Nice challs, some issues with infra though...

20 tibotix cool pwn challs

25 jorgectf great effort from the staff

25 ret2basic hyper-unrealistic!

25 y4y cool story bro

25 Adnan_Slef There were some IoT challs


25 ret2basic Visualism!

25 pop_eax awesome CTF, really cool challenges

25 iman4000 Perfect! Nice iot challs :D

25 @theice

20 ilyaluk too much ucucuga, otherwise tasks were cool

6 mystiz Very guessy. And why do we need to fuzz to discover API endpoints, given that they are not allowed?

13 sqrtrev Static scoring, A lot of guessing, In some task, I cannot understand why is this hacking, I saw almost web tasks at other CTF.

25 ZetaTwo Nice

25 quend really enjoyed the forensics and android problems

15 juwilie - lots of guessing - infrastructure problems + good category coverage