Voting ended at: Oct. 4, 2020, 3 a.m.

Weight after voting: 23.71 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 VikedJoker good ctf

25 cheesesandwich EDIT: (you should be a hacker to read this msg) ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

22 h4ck7u5 nice ctf, good infra, few guessy chals

24 Xayn Good challenges, I really enjoyed the CTF !

25 dr_doofus enjoyed it!

25 b3y0nd3r good pwn challs

25 ret2basic Nice

8 Grillette A good infrastructure and organization overall.A lot of challenge (too much ?) and really begginer friendly. But way too much guessing sadly

20 Zorrillalol Nice CTF

25 suppapan gg

23 careless_finch Nice ctf -2 for the some guessy challenges

25 dissector nice

25 sakonji great ctf

25 cheesesandwich common wolfy need I more boxes on THM!! :fire:

25 str4code Great CTF

25 page2me good

25 page2me good

25 kaki-epithesi Good

25 dr3sden noic

25 1vomarek1 Great CTF

25 AlexPavlovsky it is super

25 bisicetea Nice CTF

25 _wh1t3r0se_ Hec me if u cen

24 KyleForkBomb very good

25 tomas4 Great

25 Mickov20 Very good CTF

25 5w1ru95 Good tasks, not easy one.

25 colourless Solid infrastructure + fun challs

25 ScooterSec Great CTF!

25 wongyos good

25 [email protected] Great CTF!

25 MistBorn Best 'til now!

25 Tejmal Great CTF - amazingly organized. Tons of challenges and stable platform.

25 AlexZander Good one

25 manulqwerty great CTF!

23 apoirrier nice ctf but a lot of guessing required

25 TheEncyklopedie Cool CTF, was my first, awesome experience. The infrastructure was solid, some of the challenges hord, some easier

25 gdpr.1624120382.29249351266cf1 great CTF!

25 iman4000 nice ctf for the first time!

25 starbuucks great CTF

20 m0s nice ctf :D

5 julien.billig Nice Challenges for a first CTF challenge

25 c3p0xrt good stuff!

25 tony_tsep Nice challenges :) We had fun.

17 voydstack Nice CTF globally, a lot of interesting challenges, but some guessing involved in some. gj :)

5 blu3b33s Lot of guessing, found plagiarism for some challenge, no new technique. Very beginner friendly. Pwn challenges were not so bad.

25 jayhawk24 fun challenges

25 javiNotFound Very good, a lot of challs.

25 Kucharskov Very good CTF with many different difficulties of challanges in few categories.

25 wongyos good

24 flyme2bluemoon Very fun challenges

24 flyme2bluemoon Very fun challenges

12 m3moryleak 2days isn't enough :)

25 0xd4rk Awesome and detailed challenges

25 Folcoxx Nice CTF

25 4darkstar9 Good CTF

24 das. pretty good

25 y4y Fun one

25 AuraSmasher It was a really really fun first CTF, loved the challenges and they were absolute fun!

25 insomn14 Nice ctf

25 4n0nym4u5 Good CTF. The challenges were pretty decent ones from beginner to medium level.

25 BrunoZeroDb Nice ctf

25 roerohan Nice CTF!

25 mutluexe One of the best ctfs I have ever participated

25 iafir Great CTF

24 python4004 Great ctf

25 c3p0 like always 0xDarkArmy did a great job waiting for the next CTF , thanks

20 Xornet Nice CTF. But I want more modern and not guessing asymmetric cryptography challs (such as RSA with Coppersmith, ElGamal and Elliptic Curve)

25 leopoldh Great ctf

25 [deleted user] Nice ctf

25 Ziemni High tier CTF with many big sponsores. Very high level competition.

25 Internaut401 More than 70 challs in many categories. Also the challs were fun. Good job!

25 embe221ed nice ctf

25 FreezeLuiz_ very nice ctf, challenges for every one -except pwn- xD

25 thebongy Niice

25 p4w nice ctf!

21 niresh chill

25 Iuc More challenges than we were able to handle :-) Awesome!

25 m3ssap0 Some cool challenges, but "Web/Safe House" was based only on guessing.

25 AlexZander Cool Challenges, Perfect CTF-Organization

25 heijke good CTF overall, dynamic points could've been done better


25 InersIn really cool

25 Shikata_Ga_Nai Great variety in challs, good community.

25 vulnfreak After a long time played a great CTF with all things are perfect. Challenges are great and something new is learned from every challenge.

25 Knockout nice challenging CTF

20 csmcguir Overall lots of fun

25 1GN1tE Had lots of fun

25 saw-your-packet Had a lot of fund, the challenges were good and infra good.

25 mirkhoff A solid cCTF

25 [deleted user] GG

25 yo. 75+ challenges, 800+ teams. Very awesome.

22 jarp0l

25 Folcoxx Nice

20 BLACKBEARD Great challs, but needs to have clearer objectives

25 Bin4ryGh0st Nice and beginner friendly CTF, some challs required a good guessing though.


20 mrWh1te nice CTF

25 @clnr

25 Xiahou I'm just glad that the infrastructure didn't go down every 10 mins. Good challs overall as well.

25 din_djarin11 Well made challenges with all levels of difficulties

25 agarman decent challenges, could have lesser but better quality challs

25 r3yc0n1c good challs, great infra and admins. Thanks a lot.

25 Itz_me_strikerr Tq for making our weekend fun Darkarmy Your Ctf was really good ..I enjoyed it and one of the few ctf with OSINT ??

25 VikedJoker Cool challenges

1 Sud0u53r Web challs not so good :(

25 dr3sden noic

25 RCP Good CTF with Great challenges!!!

25 Th0m4sK we had a lot of fun this weekend.

25 Anonimbus Great CTF!!

25 SadKris Good difficulty challenges

25 h4x5p4c3 decent one