Voting ended at: April 17, 2021, 5 p.m.

Weight after voting: 30.02 / 75.480

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 Th0mas_ The crypto chals involved too much guessing, one chal required bruteforce with a WRONG charset provided.

75 leppan ok

39 eldstal A few quite guessy crypto challenges, sadly. The rest was good!

75 Antivirus ayos na ayos ito

75 kmh11 I had lots of fun, some cool pwn and rev.

26 vladvis No web, too much bruteforcing and guessing, bad sponsor's tasks. +25 points for previous Midnight Sun CTFs.

75 anticlockwise cool chals

75 anticlockwise cool chals

20 kowu Unfortunately the quality decreased a lot.

15 WGH Several nice tasks, lots of either mediocre or guessing tasks.

70 MatteoPaier Very good challenges, great learning!

40 1GN1tE Some rev were good

4 nrabulinski Midnight sun GTF

50 AvyChanna some good crypto challs. slightly guessy solutions

50 karma9874 -25 for only web :(

40 r3yc0n1c for some good crypto challenges

35 r3yc0n1c half points for guessy crypto challs :(

55 zup The quality dropped since last year unfortunately. +I liked a lot of the challenges! +stable infra. -many bruteforce and guessing tasks

25 circleous Since HFS is not the one managing it, this would be a very decent for a first year CTF. The good tasks were simply overshadowed by guessing.

70 peska Some challenges were a bit guessing, but in general very funny & interesting.

69 kalex To me, it was very hard (aka great learning experience)

10 NicolaVV midnight{is_this_warmup 0r kOOlD0wn}

19 hweissi Too much guessing

50 maritio_o Had lots of fun with my team! No guessing in main challs I worked on, but others had. Sat with pwn team a lot and pwn was very good.

25 s0rc3r3r guessy challenges

2 Isopach Let's guess the flag

30 hpmv Could've been an excellent CTF, but too much guessing across all the categories.Organizers seemed very busy during the CTF this year :(

3 Ark web and crypto challs are too bad

10 theoldmoon0602 grocid's challs were good. Backup series were horriibly bad

75 sampriti Nice Pwn Challenges, Some Crypto (by grocid) were good, Interesting Rev Challenges too.

10 Xornet guessing and boring crypto, especially backup - eve

25 Redford Too much guessing :(

10 ehhthing Less guessing please.

3 Quintec Challs guessy, admins unresponsive, critical errors lasted until end of competition

10 clubby789 Some cool challenges but a dissapointing amount of guessing.

25 Agalas Few intresting challs, but so much brute and guessing. Also only one web which was too bad:\ Not cool guys

37 vient Some tasks were nice, other not so much.

5 justlikebono soso

20 Grozby If rbtree says it's 20 points, it's 20 points

10 disconnect3d not so many good tasks

20 parrot Just one web :( many miscs. +20 for no stego,osint and stable infras.

1 NoktaStrigo The worst CTF that year. Broken challenges full of guessing, wrong task description.

75 happysox I like the stock

75 WhatTheMahad Nice

50 justlikebono soso

10 Strellic what the FUCK

75 Ulletuss Nice challs

15 deltaclock Tons of guessing and only 1 web, at least some were good.

5 sdomi Most challenges required a lot of CPU power, not brain power. Mostly a guessy CTF w/ some broken challenges.

75 Maher For the kernel challenge.

75 cristian-richie Very nice challenges

1 killerdog Broken challenges which unsolveable params, which admins say to stop working on cus they're getting removed, then leave in without fixing

15 willwam845 some good challs, a lot of not so good challs

10 oxnan stable infra, kudos for that, but not testing all your challenges, and not knowing how to solve them, is really not the best. - Very guessy

20 icemonster Some good crypto, dbcsig had a misleading non-prime q. Lots of guessy challs. Responsive admins. Definitely worse compared with last year...

75 n4sm pwn was pretty cool

13 willsroot some nice challs, but lots of guess

10 sapra 1 web , 2 pwn challs in a CTF. Just call is MiscNight Sun

25 mystiz Decent first year CTF.

33 zup -The quality dropped since last year unfortunately. +I liked a lot of the challenges! +stable infra. -many bruteforce and guessing tasks

10 joshdabosh some "pwn" were mislabled, but the actual pwns were good. too many guessing challenges, especially forens and "crypto"

20 FeDEX pwn was fun

15 ptr-yudai +shapes and brohammer are good / +stable infra / -many tasks require bruteforce & guessing

15 lukas2511 A bit guessy

10 rkm0959 10 points for the two (good) warmup crypto challs : and plz don't call stuff like backup crypto :( :(

1 theKidOfArcrania Too many bad challenges that overshadow the few good (too easy) challs

1 Renwa Only 1 Web / Guessing and Bruteforce Challenges

1 dsp25no Guess CTF

20 rbtree 20 points for good challenges

1 sqrtrev misc CTF / Guessing CTF / unbalanced the number of challenges / too easy web (nothing to learn, even super easy)