Mon, 18 Oct. 2021, 13:41 UTC — Mon, 18 Oct. 2021, 13:41 UTC 


Hack The Box CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Welcome back! It’s been a year already… Did you rest? Did you push your skills to the top? Are you ready for our iconic event? Bring it ON!

Hack The Box University CTF 2021 is HERE!

Every year we gather university students from all over the world to compete in our university CTF, which provides a hands-on learning experience for students of all skill levels! With prizes that give even more learning opportunities!


The prizes this year are next level! So we have cash prize for Top 3 Teams, Amazon Giftcards, HTB Services and HTB Swag. Total Prize Cost is 22,045£.

Read more details about our prizes here:

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