Wed, 07 Sept. 2022, 18:00 UTC — Thu, 08 Sept. 2022, 18:00 UTC 


TeamItaly CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

Official URL:

This event's future weight is subject of public voting!

Future weight: 24.88 

Rating weight: 24.88 

Event organizers 

TeamItaly CTF 2022 is an online Jeopardy-style Capture-The-Flag competition hosted by the members of TeamItaly, the Italian national cybersecurity team participating in the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) by ENISA.

Participation is open to any team, without limitations on the number of participants.
There will be challenges of varying difficulty of rev/pwn/web/crypto/misc categories.

Registrations open from the end of August.


81 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 pwnthem0le 4378.00049.760
2 3882.00034.501
3 RootMeUpBeforeYouGoGo 3378.00027.490
4 TeamPortugal 2882.00022.598
5 hxp 2879.00021.337
6 /mnt/ain 2383.00017.689
7 ... 2378.00017.068
8 ECSC Team France 1883.00013.811
9 EVERYTHING 1882.00013.460
10 Lilac 1879.00013.166
11 BeautifulSssup 1878.00012.934
12 MadrHacks 1878.00012.746
13 USTC-NEBULA 1500.00010.438
14 fibonhack 1412.0009.801
15 TnomiPho 1411.0009.677
16 SocialEngineeringExperts 1408.0009.557
17 TeamOceania 1408.0009.465
18 0xFE 1408.0009.384
19 TAT 1408.0009.311
20 CTFY 1383.0009.104
21 pianka 1383.0009.044
22 coffin 1383.0008.990
23 team.caca 1383.0008.941
24 Austriaaaaaaaaaaa 1383.0008.896
25 pwnthenope 1379.0008.832
26 KCCorp 1379.0008.794
27 idek 971.0006.440
28 fantasmaformaggino 912.0006.071
29 MonelloWare 912.0006.041
30 V-HackaBoia 911.0006.007
31 bruh 908.0005.963
32 No Pwn Intended 908.0005.938
33 CSALab_Sec 908.0005.914
34 grhkm-solo 908.0005.892
35 ly4k 883.0005.729
36 Srdnlen 883.0005.709
37 Pwnzer0tt1 883.0005.690
38 Nupakachi 883.0005.673
39 Milano_Capitale 883.0005.656
40 SH4H33N 883.0005.640
41 pwnormus 883.0005.625
42 RubiDiCubrik 883.0005.610
43 InfoSecIITR 883.0005.597
44 Hackappatoi 883.0005.584
45 M0NT3C4RL0 883.0005.571
46 Ristorante-pizzeria_viale_sarca 883.0005.559
47 APT593 471.0003.206
48 K!nd4SUS 471.0003.195
49 CSOC 471.0003.184
50 Computer_Addicts 471.0003.174
51 NASLAB 471.0003.165
52 T1r4m1sudo 471.0003.155
53 HousesAndHumans 471.0003.146
54 LetzPwn 471.0003.137
55 Komi-Permyak_Team 471.0003.129
56 Zoe 412.0002.786
57 PineapplePizza 412.0002.778
58 Cryptoverse 412.0002.770
59 davi_bart 412.0002.763
60 veni_vidi_comedi 412.0002.756
61 Recursion Fairies 412.0002.749
62 str4ng3_b0yz 412.0002.743
63 DragonSec_SI 412.0002.736
64 kanon 412.0002.730
65 Uwu_nahyu 412.0002.724
66 PwnProphecy 412.0002.718
67 Tower of Hanoi 412.0002.713
68 UnisH4ck 412.0002.707
69 sly-scribes 412.0002.702
70 noraneco 412.0002.697
71 Script Kitties 412.0002.692
72 93wilsonlu 412.0002.687
73 arancinHaCK 412.0002.682
74 Flaggermeister 412.0002.678
75 Jeppe 412.0002.673
76 Birkenwald 412.0002.669
77 randomguy 412.0002.664
78 Royal-Military-Hackademy 412.0002.660
79 comodo 412.0002.656
80 peterrakolcza 412.0002.652
81 ClownTools 412.0001.324
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