Tue, 15 Nov. 2022, 06:30 UTC — Thu, 17 Nov. 2022, 14:30 UTC 


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Blackhat MEA CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

Official URL: https://blackhatmea.com/capture-the-flag

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Event organizers 

Black Hat MEA in collaboration with Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming & Drones (SAFCSP) will host a CTF Tournament, with over 1,000 participants (250 teams) entering the final stages at different levels of competency: amateur, intermediate and expert.

CTF competition run as a jeopardy-style competition and team based both in the qualification and final stages. Participants will be challenged across a range of categories during the competition including Web, Reverse Engineering, PWN, Crypto and Forensics.

Qualification Round:
- Date: 30 hours from 30 Sep 2022, 14:00 GMT (05:00 PM KSA Time)
- Location: Online

Final Competition:
- Date: 15-17 Nov 2022 during Black Hat MEA conference
- Location: On-Site


**Top 5 teams qualifying for the final round will have their flight tickets and accommodation sponsored by the organizers**

**Total Prizes for the BlackHat MEA CTF On-Site CTF will be 700,000 SAR (Approx. $187,000)**

- 1st Place: 300,000 SAR (Approx. $80,000)
- 2nd Place: 200,000 SAR (Approx. $53,500)
- 3rd Place: 100,000 SAR (Approx. $26,500)
- 4th Place: 60,000 SAR (Approx. $16,000)
- 5th Place: 40,000 SAR (Approx. $10,500)

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