Voting finishes at: May 30, 2016, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


30 cr019283 I simply enjoyed two previous editions more. This time for me there was too much CGC and too little task diversity.

1 ctf_player no challs diversity

5 Eternal there was only on IRC information that there is busybox so I didn't know about busybox because I wasn't looking on IRC

1 str

88 tchiwak No diversity

40 Glassback No diversity on challenges proposed....

100 Dacat Defcon CTF was great this year.

95 andrew_ More diversity would've been nice, but the challenges were good

32 Dor1s No task diversity + damn CGC. I don't think it is a good idea to bring CGC into CTFs. May be it worth to bring CTF into CGC.

60 factoreal No tasks diversity. Maybe its the DEF CON CTF philosophy :)

60 rooney Very thanks to orgs, but why we never see crypto/web/forensic tasks? I mean there is no tasks diversity

60 rooney ok

80 dxp2532 What ever happened to crypto/forensics/webz?

70 r00ta Too many CGC challenge and there was some team that was working on that in advance. These teams were advantaged imho. Pwnables was great

100 krzywix Very good CTF!

80 Jackyxty Challenges are awesome. Some envs need to be clarified. Pwns are hard to RE but relatively easy to exploit. CGC is interesting but easy.

100 jamieh good ctf

100 crayontheft Difficult challenges.

100 nsr Defcon as expected: tons of binaries and a random music stream/distraction module.

100 tonix0114 Good ctf

100 Hcamael It's a good game

33 gkrishna Only RE and Bin, although good CTF.

5 firsov -

100 shivanshuag Good ctf. Tough. Lots of binary challenges

25 havocmage First time playing this CTF. Interesting but with too narrow a focus to make it enjoyable.

100 aagallag All of the binary challenges kicked my ass.

65 emyei Only binaries. CGC was fun but gave advantages to those who knew the platform

10 sml555 There was no variety. All categories were kind of like <category> + RE + Pwning. Was very disappointed

100 Lays

60 marcof Pwnable challenges where hard to reverse but then quite easy to exploit (at least the first 3). CGC was fun !

100 patcdr High quality problems.

30 mkwm Dynamic scoring not explained in rules. No challenge diversity.

30 Damonsson just call it in future: RePwn CTF


35 BECHED Extremely narrow competition, no prizes, no travel expenses coverage for the finals. This absolutely cannot be called main CTF event.

90 antoniovilarinholopes The CTF qualifier, period. Always fun, but could have had some crypto!

100 craSH It's the benchmark qualifier for the benchmark CTF. Good new twist in adding CGC challenges.

100 lpfwr nice one

100 KT. I kinda liked the pwning-only approach & dynamic scoring. Also it always brings our team together & guarantees hardcore race to the top.

75 too narrow

100 NGG no stego and forensics :)

35 phiber No challenge diversity (almost all binaries).

100 zardus great difficulty

100 solarwind great ctf, as always

100 niklasb frst! awesome CTF