Voting finishes at: Oct. 9, 2016, 4 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 illustris challenging

30 henning Really good and difficult challenges, some involved a little guessing, but were still reasonable. Please hack ... next year.

30 galakt good

30 Fish This one is great. It'll be even better if there were some easier challenges.

30 sudhackar good one!

20 maxtamvan Awesome broh !

26 Dan good ctf

25 TouF great ctf

30 birdy42 Great challenges, but hard !

30 Hertz Delightful!

30 Rodbert Really nice CTF. No voting, please hack.

30 gnx Nice!

20 vitmalkin Tough

26 bonat Nice !!!

20 HorseEgg Challenging, excellent organisation

25 Tarnasa Tough, but well organized

30 kopi-c Good challenges, no guessing required

30 lionaneesh Nice rev!

30 mathboy7 Gooood CTF!

30 simenbkr Challenging and awesome!

30 rkarabut A very good CTF, the DOS challenges deserve special praise :)

30 Redford I managed to play only few hours, but all challenges I looked into were really good :)

30 kcotsneb Tough challenges, lots to learn nevertheless.

30 akrasuski1 Excellent CTF!

30 ginja Highly fun and challenging

30 gkrishna Nice set of challenges!

30 Pharisaeus really nice and difficult :)

30 niklasb Awesome CTF!

30 _tsuro fun and challenging tasks

30 adm1nkyj nice ctf

30 hellman Very nice CTF, good challenges in all categories! Quite tough.

30 laxa Great CTF, challenging challenges :)

30 quanyang Interesting challenges!

30 solarwind nice tasks, excellent organization