Voting finishes at: Aug. 27, 2016, 6:29 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 W.Z.Y. The platform is ridiculous, challenges are okay

25 hvardhan Nice challenges, much better than last year.

20 offw0rld bad platform, but good challenges

25 gnx Good, but please, fix the platform for the next time.

1 Damonsson  

15 laxa Platform wasn't really good, but challenges were interesting

13 disconnect3d The service was bad, the pwn tasks that send binaries sometimes send more then one in a row.

3 h0twinter running pwn in root? Really? Annoying flag submission

25 th3_j0k3r nice challenges

15 Kjnokeer team size limit and no support, but good challenges

25 firsov good challenges, bad service

8 cryptator Scoreboard broken, Bad service, Team limit (which makes no sense in an online ctf) but nice challenges.

25 gkrishna Web challs were okay but the service was really really bad!

25 jkrshnmenon nice challenges, not so good service deployment

25 afonso.tfaria21 Nice, but a litle more support next time would be nice

10 Pharisaeus team size limit, broken platform, mediocre tasks, not worth more than 10

1 maro Poor support in IRC, bad platform, scoreboard takes minutes to load...sick CTF, does not deserve more than 5.

25 Abdelkader why antichat is 1st ? !! (dcua was 1st in plateform scoreboard but in ctftime is 2nd place)

25 krzywix Cool ctf