Voting finishes at: Sept. 25, 2016, 11 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 quanyang Great CTF!

25 MrMugiwara Nice challenges category

25 MrMugiwara Good Challenges

25 RyanAiden CSAW is always a great intro to security CTF and this year was no different

25 kara71 Great CTF !

25 negasora :D

25 carzil pwn is cool

25 defunded yay

25 porpeeranut fck

25 Xelenonz nice pwn

25 Murmus Decent challenges, but the mixture felt off

25 Hertz Worth even more.

25 lionaneesh Nice challenges. Well organized. Got a lot to learn from this CTF.

25 havilland Great CTF with good Challenges

20 maro Flag sharing. Checkout dcua2 scoring log. Recon tasks is wasting of time, Who cares about wasting time finding which games played by a guy!

24 x0w1 Good broken boxes & Neo challenges! Sleeping guard was way too easy, even for 50 points.

25 ubnix good chalenges

25 nomeaning fun web challenges

25 _bl4de Well organized, good challenges.

20 cebrusfs Don't like guessing recon and forensic....

25 incertia had fun not knowing how to pwn

25 arteau.olivier Mix of good challenges and bad one(forensics was steg and recon was a waste of time).Overall good,but check quality next time

25 rkrp Good one :)

25 gkrishna Nice one :)

25 HRJ hahaha

25 anarh1st47 Good

19 gkrishna Challenges weren't great

25 boogy Very nice ctf

25 pixelindigo Nice ctf.

25 chaosagent Naisu

25 msm @ktx - nice. Another fun fact - CSAW was one of the first CTFs we played as team p4 (back in 2013) :>.

21 david942j recon soooooooo hard

25 grocid Great CTF! Had a lot of fun

25 KT. Funfact: CSAW was the first CTF we played as team !SpamAndHex (back in 2013) :)

25 Pharisaeus Good, but I don't like marking stegano as forensics

25 niklasb frst