Voting finishes at: March 27, 2017, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


61 Septyem fun

61 milk-tester quality pwnable challenge

41 tenflo Not enough challenge for beginners

61 salls Very good CTF, high difficulty challenges

54 nazywam Quality ctf :)

61 milkchoco freaking good

61 factoreal Very hard and tricky tasks, thanks to orgs :)

61 akg Challanges had very high standards. Awesome CTF. Thank you!

61 JinBlack Very Good challenges!

61 rEa good

61 david942j Good

61 uafio Excellent challenges !

61 ray Hard & Fun

61 mathboy7 V33333333RY GOOD!

51 HorseEgg Difficult, but not too much.

55 Angelboy Nice pawnable challenge !

50 meh Interesting pwn and moderate difficulty. Changing teamname is depressing ...

50 Pharisaeus Too many Pwn tasks compared to other categories.

50 Sin__ Good Crypto/Pwn/Reverse but why no Mobile like previous years?

61 laxa Hardest CTF, really interesting tasks !

61 awe great pwns, nice scoreboard

50 hiww Scoreboard system is good.

61 lifehome Nice one. Various level from basic recon to in-depth problem solving. Quite tough, challenging yet enjoyable. Need to work on UI/UX tho.

61 vient good stuff

50 Himyth good

58 Pwn17 great

61 Hcamael nice

10 hiww Scoreboard system is good.

61 bongtrop nice challs naja

61 Xelenonz nice RE challs

61 0xd13a Tough CTF. Great job, organizers!

61 IVAN_geek Update

44 IVAN_geek good ctf

61 KT. Quality CTF: good challenges in various categories, responsive admins & website. Liked the adaptive scoring system.

1 JLLiS most frustrating ctf ever