Voting finishes at: Feb. 13, 2017, 10 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


9 leopoldinelolcat good but dont worth over 10

23 Migdalo nice beginner ctf

25 testotesting123 nice

13 mut3 Well run, definitely on the easy side, but very well managed.

10 drizbit Beginner CTF

10 SS31 CTF for Beginners

19 m3hrn good for starters

10 absoleminfo Good for beginners.

14 mkulakov Average beginner level ctf. Some tasks were unbalanced.

10 babyphdteam Good for beginners.

25 ZeroOne Easy, but got to give full marks...

19 TheZ3ro Nice ctf! Challenge were a little too easy

17 fraf0 Quite nice. Easy.

20 soltys Fun and easy

13 niden Solid CTF

25 dbaser nice ctf!

1 lpfwr seriously

25 peace-maker Nice beginner CTF. Interesting challenges throughout!

24 mvalle Nice CTF

15 mvalle Nice and simple CTF

15 ovProphet Interesting though easy tasks

15 ph4114cy Easy, but fun.

15 ass Nice ctf

15 aagallag Good beginner CTF, wish there were some pwn challenges though.

13 konata Nice and easy CTF, it was fun

25 meshx nice ctf! lot of fun

25 jeffex Good

7 lionaneesh Intro ctf. Nice work!

7 hiww Fun

15 K4Fr Good CTF.

22 K3lv1n What a nice CTF, there are a lot of funny question.

14 r3ddy great CTF!

21 TnMch good one but easy

6 TnMch good one but easy

15 YHZX_2013 Good CTF. But less problem and easy.

25 serpentskis Good ctf. Really enjoyed reversing "unvm me"

7 RagenIV Good CTF. But it had a lot of random

25 shivanshuag was fun

20 ValarDragon Good, easy CTF, especially for new teams.

15 hds Tasks depending on external libraries, some of them involved guessing

15 ghostly_gray Could have used some pwn. mov was cool

10 noraj Please Quality over Quantity

20 Alexxtri Easy, but very fun and interesting CTF

20 slashnick Great challenges, but pretty easy

20 fortenforge Fun CTF

15 l1mp3t Pretty cool

20 tenflo Nice CTF for beginners like us :-)

25 JLLiS Nice ctf...easy...but a really fun race to the top30

10 laxa Enjoyable CTF, too easy, no pwns

25 rtmcx Great Job. Nice CTF.

25 cle Nice CTF, just need to add some pwn and web challenges.

25 St34dy Good range of CTF challenges from beginner to more difficult spanning over a range of disciplines

20 Anony Good CTF for new teams

25 _CryptoCat My first online CTF. Really enjoyed it, some easy challenges, but some I found harder / didn't complete.. Great CTF over all :)

12 Specter Some fun, but no pwning or web exploitation challenges, few challenges were a little broken.

15 0xerr0r Pwn task announced on CTFtime but not pwn during CTF, Beginner CTF

20 stone Great Job. Very good for beginners.

10 timpwn Pretty good for a first CTF. Nice intro, not many points.

23 Pyhscript was alright, only objection is too pointless sc2 task...I have no idea what vasil means by standard xss, there were no web chals

25 rat4t4 Awesome 1st CTF of 2017. Would've been better with more categories though.

25 xrust great first CTF, good job, just needed some pwn and web

25 alissonb Amazing CTF!

1 defunded cancerCTF

10 sts nice ctf

8 valis Very basic tasks (standard sqli, standard xss, etc), nothing interesting.

25 factoreal average CTF

20 bonat Easy but very good to learn.

25 MathisHammel Easy challenges, but good nonetheless

15 noproto Missing pwn and web but a great beginner CTF

10 kipyegonmark Fair beginner CTF although the wording for some of the challenges was't too clear

20 firsov ok

15 _bl4de Nice CTF, some challenges are far too easy (eg. RE1). Keep going good work, looking forward the next year edition!

25 gkrishna Enjoyed the CTF and the admin was too good! Could've included some web challenges too!

25 jkrshnmenon Good challenges, would've loved some pwn too

25 madHatter good challenges

10 f0rki pretty OK for first ctf. rather easy. a 24h limit would've made it more interesting.

19 Pwn17 as the first time, the CTF was good.

15 HomeSen Difficulty was quite mixed (at least for me). Really enjoyed it.

20 ZetaTwo High quality CTF. A little bit easy but it's nice that there varying levels of competitions

10 nazywam Most of the challs were fairly easy

25 vient ayy lmao