Voting finishes at: Feb. 12, 2017, 11:30 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


9 Good for beginners. Downtime is high btw.

25 pedroysb Nice CTF

20 fraf0 Quite nice.

10 niden Decent CTF, No Issues here

17 mvalle Nice CTF but needs several major improvements

10 r3ddy Servers were down most of the time and admins weren't active (no irc).

25 hiww Beginners CTF

10 simonvik Most challenges were relevant and OK

3 lionaneesh Never got to access the pwns. A lot of services were down and the admins weren't active.

25 TnMch funny

25 shivanshuag Too many forensics challenges.

20 _CryptoCat Didn't do too many challenges but was quite good..

1 noraj ShittyCTF, bad ctaegories, no admins, chall often down

20 tenflo Nice CTF for beginners like us :-)

10 laxa Decent CTF

25 JLLiS Nice ctf...implicit challenge...find the irc channel...

12 valis Most challenges were too easy, a lot of downtime with pwns.

25 kara71 Good challenges, but admins were hard to find

10 jkrshnmenon Admin's weren't contactable.

2 f0rki crypto challenges were not really crypto, more like forensices/misc. We solved the hardest crypto chall with a python one-liner (not a long

25 dbaser go indians!

15 ZetaTwo Decent CTF

13 0jag There was a good variety of problems to solve. The admin(s) was not contactable and there were no rules listed. The crypto problems were a b

19 gkrishna The CTF was okay. Some of the challenges were not so good especially the crypto one's.

20 _bl4de Nice CTF, keep going good work, looking forward the next year

25 madHatter web challenges were fun

10 boogy There is room for improvement

25 boogy nice ctf overall

20 factoreal unstable scoreboard, not good crypto tasks

3 romanSil There is room for improvement. No way to contact admins. Challanges too easy.

10 Pharisaeus Fine overall quality, but most tasks were very simple and there were many issues and often no admin available

15 vient pwn didn't work for me, otherwise good ctf

10 0xerr0r too many guessing task, pwn task run in root, too many downtime

25 solarwind looks like indians are making progress in ctf quality, should be encouraged