Fri, 02 Nov. 2012, 23:00 UTC — Sat, 03 Nov. 2012, 07:00 UTC 


Quebec, Canada

Hackfest event.

Format: Attack-Defense Attack-Defense

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Future weight: 20.00 

Rating weight: 20.00 

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-=VPN for participant out of the province of Quebec=-
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Saturday’s event will be the classic CTF format. The enphasis is on the way teams are versatile and how they use their skills. Like in the friday night, points are gained by exploiting vulnerabilities. Challenges generally have the following caracteristics:

Pretty easy to understand
Difficulty ranges from easy to hard
Variety to please everyone
Here are the challenges of this year. (Note that they’re subject to change):


Your goal is to find and exploit vulnerabilities exposed by various websites. Your analytical skills will be solicited more than ever in this edition. You’ll need to read between the lines of code.

The challenges of the past years could serve as warm-up.

-Phony app-

Android, Windows Phone, iOS… Is there such a thing as mobile security?


NMAP is a pretty good tool, but unfortunately it won’t get you root on the box.


How are you supposed to communicate with the real world… in plain text? Welcome to 2012.


Bring some computation power to crack those hashes you will find on your way to salvation. This track will be integrated into others.


IRC quizz-style trivia led by our famous host, ChuckNorris. Questions will be related to anything ITsec, hacking, scene, history, etc. They will range from general knowledge to specific technical questions

-Lock Picking-

All details here:

-Data mining-

You’re gonna stumble on some informations, find out what to do with them or find out about different ways to present information.

Registration: You must register by e-mail before 6:00 PM, eastern time, to have your team on the scoreboard



In 2010, two (2) pharmaceutical companies went head-to-head in a winner take all cyber-battle to obtain a lucrative contract. The winner would surely be considered as the world leader in pharmaceutical products, making investors rich beyond belief.

This year, Hackfest is presenting a similar scenario, only this time a multitude of corporate entities will be battling it out in what is today’s most hostile environment: The Internet. Keeping the same model as previous years, teams will not only need to attack, but also defend their respective networks in order to obtain the ultimate prize. Players will be placed in a war mood and in a realistic environment. Players should be see:

- An internet simulation
- An anonymity system
- A military base with a SCADA system
- An international bank
- Multiple operating system such as: CentOS, Windows and Debian
- IPv6 telephony systems
- And More…

Players can already get ready for the games! See details on the web site.

For more information about the hackfest “Red / Blue” contest , please see the last two years editions pages.


28 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 Amish Security 10101.00040.000
2 UQAM 7364.00024.581
3 Zozo_Team 7208.00020.939
4 ipwnu 6377.00017.626
5 Naughty Neighbours 6000.00015.880
6 GliderousTigers 5826.00014.869
7 Team Allophone 5787.00014.315
8 René Coty Forever 5700.00013.786
9 CARVERS 5512.00013.136
10 Hackt 5232.00012.359
11 OKIOK 5143.00012.001
12 Oshawa Has Computers 4838.00011.246
13 TESE 4734.00010.912
14 BeerHat 4605.00010.546
15 _bitducks_ 4500.00010.243
16 Soviet Comback 4232.0009.629
17 Ulavalteam0 4007.0009.110
18 Think^or^die 3854.0008.742
19 Team404 3772.0008.521
20 Sheridan 3300.0007.534
21 Team403 3100.0007.090
22 CPC 2356.0005.574
23 HERV 2300.0005.424
24 Raypper 1800.0004.397
25 Fantasmic4Beta 1800.0004.364
26 Maniacotronic 1487.0003.713
27 The Men In Hats 1022.0002.764
28 Nimpo 300.0000.654
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