Voting finishes at: May 7, 2017, noon

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


19 GH0st3rs Good

25 berurier Fine CTF , Recon trolled me :(

25 wjohnson Great CTF, good challenge variety

25 ulimateshi nice

25 mtoups well done, fun and challenging

25 dbaser awsome

25 HugoDelval Awesome CTF, no downtime, interesting challenges, but lacking of web IMHO :p

25 b01901169 nice

20 nodauf Nice

20 havocmage Good CTF. Glad it conflicted with Defcon. More web would have been nice.

25 grocid Nice CTF! Organizers were active in IRC and quick to fix bugs.

25 rkrp Nice CTF

23 TheZ3ro Nice CTF, very original challenges but too much recon

20 mx9 nice, need more binrary chall, like pwn, bin reverse.

20 Dan good CTF, needs more pwn

25 hiww Good web site and fun.

25 black_lenin nice!

25 str nice challenges diversity

20 black-bunny good challenges but some didn't work

22 alfink Nice ctf but too much recon

15 0palash0 Nice one, hope it wasn't clashing with DEFCON quals.

25 shishirjindal really good ones

10 noraj too few challenge other than crypto

25 ValarDragon Amazing CTF! The crypto challenges were all great!

25 noras Finally a cool ctf

25 MathisHammel Nice CTF, the challenges were amazing. Sadly it was too short and got shadowed by the DEFCON quals. Looking forward to playing next year