Voting finishes at: June 25, 2017, 11:59 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


70 BECHED neat

70 nomeaning Awesome CTF. There are very interestring crypto tasks!

70 IVAN_geek Great CTF and challenges, but hard because the most of organisers are from dragon sector [like confidence} :)

70 Hertz Awesome.

70 KT. Great challenges. Scoreboard is buggy and slow, but otherwise organization was good.

70 fortenforge Great challenges!

60 r00t3r Nice challs :)

70 0xACB It was one of the best CTFs this year

70 Kr1s Deep challenges, very interesting and fun to work on! Well organized, good logistics.

70 kaydoubleu well organized. challenges of all categories. nice distribution of difficulty.

65 phraxoid Well organised.

70 kokjo Really good CTF!

70 tyage good CTF!

70 Angelboy NICE CTF !

70 xiaohuajiao nice

70 disconnect3d Fun to play and challenging.

70 blind_fuzzy Good ctf

70 Jeanbon Hard but good

70 W3ndige Very good CTF, hard but fun!

70 akrasuski1 Good and hard.

70 abraxas Good event, solid variety but very different from last year which had more categories but easier questions. Overall excellent!

50 hellman Nice cryptos

70 herrera Fun and challenging CTF!

70 M1st3rK1nd good but hard!

70 pennylane tough questions. tried harder :(

70 UmVz good CTF, but hard!

60 sudhackar a hard one!

65 biloup Hard CTF, but really good

70 Rejok Very good CTF :)

70 alissonb Really hard CTF!

70 Rejok Quite hard CTF ... but good one !

70 P4dd1ng Good one!

20 madHatter challs not adjusted well

55 laxa Very good CTF

60 alex700 cool CTF with a lot of interesting hard tasks

50 itegulov Quite hard CTF

70 zbetcheckin Great one

70 Riatre Awesome CTF.

68 0x90 Awesome CTF !!

70 icchy awesome

70 desconocido Very hard one, should be worth a lot of points

70 2sec4u Very good CTF

70 hama awesone CTF!

70 DeathKan Excellent

70 vient ??? good ctf ???

70 F20z3m It's challenge and cool CTF. :-)

70 pedroysb Challenging and very educative CTF.

40 F20z3m It's challenge CTF. :-)

70 chaker Nice CTF, tasks were hard, but fun at the same time.

70 MrMugiwara nice level challenges

70 MrMugiwara Awsome Tasks

70 Shekula Very difficult CTF

40 K4L1 Very nice CTF, should have full progs, was my first big ctf :) i liked this. And, why brazilians cant play?

70 Pwny Good ctf , bad support

70 dapolinario Excellent CTF. Very high level! Congratulations!

70 adrianoribeiro Very nice!!

70 JLLiS rly nice one

70 defunded yay

70 kmh11 Really good ctf!

33 iZhuer wonderful game

25 sea0breeze excellent ctf, challs are fun, but Intenet Error while submitting flag is annoying :(

25 defunded I wish this could go higher, fun ctf :D

25 kmh11 Fun ctf, challenging, but fun challenges!