Voting finishes at: May 8, 2017, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


99 GH0st3rs Very cool!!!

90 mkulakov Maybe it is not the best ctf in this year but it's DEFCON!

15 mage web chal was very funny

99 hama good CTF

74 nomeaning Awesome CTF!

99 alissonb Really great CTF! Even solving just a few challenges, I've learned a lot.

85 FADEC0D3 Fun CTF with lots of interesting pwnables!

20 icernica Low variety!

99 Fish Just another awesome and high-quality CTF. And, nice amount of web ;)

25 uafio I swear if I see one more VM or emulator, I will burn your datacenters.

99 0xd13a Tough challenges. Slanted to pwn/re, but maybe that's DEF CON's thing...

99 NGG insanity insanity insanity insanity insanity insanity insanity insane cat flag

85 alostuckop when everything is secretly a pwn.. otherwise great CTF

99 andrew_ Tough CTF, everything was a pwnable

99 patrick.hulin Awesome challenges

99 plonk nice amount of web

40 meh Past challenges, low variety, exhausting binaries

56 meshx Good CTF. Only pwn an Reverse.

95 timpwn great ctf with interesting problems, albeit very binary heavy

50 lerdsuwa Wish several kind of challenges are opened mixed together instead of pwn stuff on the first day, crackme/reverse engineer on the second.

13 david942j Many other ctfs much better than this one. There're nice challenges indeed but never worth 99 points.

15 david942j Stupid vulnerabilities, old challenges, one script can solve all crackme. Very disappointed this year

99 dapolinario Insane

99 vient damn good ctf, a lot of sweet RE

25 Matir Great challenges

25 int10h great problems, good range of difficulty, and we encountered zero technical glitches. also good ratio of pwnables/re to other.

25 plonk nice amount of web

25 vient damn good ctf, a lot of sweet RE