Voting finishes at: Sept. 11, 2017, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


62 mkulakov Goog CTF, but not in top year events

83 harrier good CTF from a good team :)

83 F20z3m It's cool challenge!

75 _bl4de Very good CTF

83 assaxor gg

75 borys.poplawski Nice challs and scoring system.

76 H4rryp0tt3r7 This CTF is pretty decent, and challenges are ranging from moderate to pro.

55 hiww Good Warmup and Crypto.

83 kmh11 very fun

83 defunded cool :)

83 laxa Great CTF

83 Kr1s Sweet crypto challenges. Warmup problems were a good idea.

83 Yacine101 Great ctf

83 773517913 Was pretty good

47 stultusmundi Pretty nice event

83 uafio the best ! :clap:

83 sts very good ctf

83 tempuser1909 It was awesome!

83 qth007 Great CTF!

83 rkrp Great CTF.

83 -Beta- Great CTF

75 Riatre Actually learned some new tricks from the challenges!

83 zhsh Great crypto. Warmup challenges is a good idea too.

83 deadcow Really nice challenges

83 TommyWithATiger Good CTF

83 milkchoco really great

83 kataryniarz Great crypto

83 ValarDragon Great CTF!

83 factoreal great crypto tasks, thanks to orgs :)

83 Angelboy Nice challenges !

75 hellman Nice cryptos and ppc, though not super hard. Love dynamic scoring!

83 tyage good

83 vient ???

83 bruce30262 not bad at all !