Voting finishes at: Aug. 13, 2017, 10 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 liyicheng Good CTF with a good range of difficulties!

25 kmh11 Fun CTF!

20 mkulakov nice ctf

25 bongtrop GG

25 uafio I was pleasantly surprised by the quality since it was first year ctf and I didnt know who the organizers were... Good job, the tasks looked

23 aagallag Junior CTF was a great idea. I'd love to see a similar thing done with more CTFs in the future.

25 SupraL nice ctf

25 SirIan Really good range of easy to challenging.

25 harrier Good CTF and good organizers :)

25 dapolinario Good ctf

25 Chefb Great CTF with a fantastic organisation

25 assaxor GG

25 ragulbalaji Great CTF though the difficulty is a bit to high even for regular CTFers

25 zhsh Great CTF, interesting challenges. Junior CTF is an awesome idea, too.

25 alensego Great CTF - Great idea the junior CTF.

19 Regardless Good CTF

20 PUT_ctf__player Great organisation and pretty interesting challenges

25 DeathKan GGWP

25 hanugra Good CTF

25 ValarDragon Great CTF!

25 madHatter nice challs

25 muffinx great ctf <3

25 faker_ Great CTF, perfectly ran by the organizers!

25 Pyhscript it was just great ctf, awesome how they made junior part so less experienced can play!

25 alissonb Great CTF! The Junior CTF was awesome too

25 MrTaharAmine I liked the Network 300 AbuseMail Challenge *.*

25 disconnect3d Great CTF, the junior CTF idea was brilliant - should be everywhere!

25 philomath213 the junior CTF was great idea

25 luisfreixinho Best CTF so far this year #SHA2017

25 lolstorm92 Best CTF well organized

25 factoreal great CTF, thanks to orgs :)

25 TeamCC_CTF Very good CTF

25 J.C Good challs with great ideas !

25 0xcpu Fun!

25 kmkz a good one

25 hiww Good!

25 kara71 Best CTF of 2017. SHA2017 deserves more than 25pts !

25 alfink Good CTF

25 Ratix Good ctf and good subctf for juniors

25 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 good ctf !

20 johnnovikov0 Good CTF

25 defunded nice

25 ZetaTwo High quality CTF. Ran smoothly with good challs of varying difficulty.

25 gnx Good diversity of challenges.

25 F20z3m It makes me wonder how much more struggling I can take for solving problem :]

25 niklasb Nice

25 Corb3nik Awesome CTF :D The concept of the junior CTF is a nice touch for beginners. Very few challenges were broken.

25 derbenoo Very good CTF!

15 Regardless Good CTF all around.

25 avlidienbrunn good ctf