Voting finishes at: Sept. 24, 2017, noon

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


40 awe Some original ideas but the challs are much easier than in 60+ CTFs. Also too much guessing.

82 TeamCC_CTF good ctf

82 jkrshnmenon Nice ctf, good challenges

82 SupraL Nice CTF

30 icchy good ctf except for admin and some challenges ware sleeping

60 N4NU good ctf but some guessing. SoDumb and NotSoDumb are cannot solve four hours before the end of game due to all organizers was sleeping.

82 alissonb Great CTF! It is among the best events of the year!

82 adrianoribeiro Excellent CTF!!!

80 PimentelMateus This event was very cool and fun, i had some good time solving the challenges. I agree that more crypto with math would be cool too.

65 ipolit Great CTF but some guessing sometimes.

55 Pharisaeus Nice event, but it's surely not worth >80. It's not the same level as TokyoWesterns or Plaid and not better than 0CTF!

72 exo Very nice ctf. But please don't clash with CSAW next year

63 exo Very nice ctf. But please don't clash with CSAW next year

82 Blakfist Was a nice one! Thanks!

82 F20z3m Awesome CTF :-D

81 ragulbalaji Hard

75 pedroysb More crypto with math, please.

82 DeathKan cool ctf

82 kaydoubleu Good variety of difficulty. Cool challenges. Though, more Crypto challenges would have been nice...but still nice CTF :)

82 TeamCC_CTF cool ctf

70 _bl4de Good one!

76 Rioru Good CTF, there's no difficulty/points ratio however

82 Nhoya Good CTF, the only downside is that the last 3h the admins have fallen asleep

82 dapolinario Great CTF!

82 vient