Voting finishes at: Oct. 8, 2017, noon

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 Hertz Good overall.

25 maro Good

18 lifehome Nice CTF overall

20 r00t3r nice ctf; add more categories

25 winw Very nice

10 akrasuski1 Very mixed... Some challenges were nice, but some were guessing. Also hints being released for tasks solved by a few teams.

15 @MrTaharAmine Add more challenges and enhance the hints..

5 noraj Poor challenge categories and diversity.

14 s0rc3r3r One misc challenge was directly copied from a crypto chall 'MySimpleCipher' of TWCTF 2017 with just a change in modulus by 2

21 patacca Some levels were a bit weird and there was no pwn level but over all it was pretty good.

25 _CryptoCat great CTF

25 F20z3m Great, but regretfully it has less category.

25 sandelan Very good ctf

25 ZetaTwo Nice CTF. Some of the challenges are a little bit strange but much better quality than previous years.

5 h0twinter RE1, Guessing, RE2, Web, Crypto (Guessing), and bunch of Misc, weird CTF

25 Corb3nik Good, but sadly no crypto/pwn. One of the web challenges' solution didnt even use two of the shown vulnerabilities... But overall, no downti

25 Pharisaeus Good, but sadly basically no Crypto or Pwn

15 niklasb Good