Voting finishes at: Sept. 3, 2017, 2 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


1 ValarDragon This CTF was terrible. Developers had no understanding of Quantum Key Distribution. There other cryptos were also really bad.

21 mkulakov nice tasks

17 aziei Nice forensic challs, although stego/joy had too much guessing

18 JohnCool khack40 response to the cheating "accusation"

20 djo Cheating is not our mentality. However, we can still share with u all of our IRC logs... More in a pastebin in few hours and in the discussi

1 solarwind folks, there is comments section at the end of scoreboard -- discussion can continue there

20 Blakfist Some challenges too easy to be considered as top level CTF. Response from sec0d to DCUA :

19 sauravchandra Nice CTF.

25 kazkiti Web100 is a good probrem!!

1 casteyunicorn hjgh downtime, very strange points distribution over the tasks, lot of random guessing, potentially ignored cheating issues https://pastebin

1 Nhoya Worst CTF of this year, scoreboard broken, bad coded chall, someone please investigate on this event

20 garble fun

1 vient as solarwind wrote: tasks mostly down (misc), broken (web), alot of guessing (stego), cheating issues

20 TheDuck Good ctf, very fun reverse challenges, too much guessing on joy / stego :/

13 pdautry Nice CTF, funny miscs

15 Blakfist Some challenges too easy to be considered as top level CTF. Also some bugs.

1 hiww Crazy CTF. (ex. Joy, Cheating

25 Azertinv Really liked the pwn and crypto sections

23 philomath213 nice CTF with great Tasks, but some tasks was down for few times

3 foox bad tasks, like web150 was just guessable, web50 wasn't for CTF level, always MISC100 down, people exchanging flags

25 Pyhscript good ctf, fun tasks

25 lolstorm92 good

20 mkg fun stuff

5 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 some guessable tasks + cheating without disqualify the cheater teams after analyse access_log, but there are some good tasks (try to improve

1 solarwind tasks mostly down (misc), broken (web), alot of guessing (stego), cheating issues

25 DeathKan Good

13 myrdyr Inconsistent flag formats, JOY-tasks and English. Cloudflare issues. Misc/Stego were fun. Many small things could make it much better.

13 myrdyr Inconsistent flag formats, strange JOY-tasks, bad English and Cloudflare issues. Some fun tasks like Misc/Stego categories. Many little thin

25 dapolinario Great CTF

15 flowerpower Well done

10 ZadYree This is a small CTF with challenges that are slightly easier than normal, but nonetheless entertaining! Still can't understand pwn300 :D

25 gnx Good.

18 kara71 Disappointed by crypto200. Good CTF overall.

25 fbb19 Nice CTF

25 sivaramaaa Good CTF , exploits in different arch was fun !!

25 kmkz A great 1

25 0xd13a Tough challenges. Well done!

25 hanugra nice

25 kmh11 Very fun ctf

25 Yacine101 Amazing CTF , hard challenges but very interesting.

3 hiww Crazy CTF. (ex. Joy

25 F20z3m It's very funnnn ;D

25 sces60107 GOOD CTF