Voting finishes at: Sept. 22, 2017, 3 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 kmkz Nice ctf, see you next year

25 lanjelot good CTF

25 mphx2 Great CTF

25 sg004 It was a nice CTF, especially the expunged challenge.

25 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 nice CTF~

25 Lux_ nice CTF

25 jorgeleria Great CTF

25 sherl0ck Nice ctf and great admins. It was fun solving the challenges.

25 Nhoya Good CTF

25 SupraL Nice CTF

25 lionaneesh This deserves more than 25. Amazing CTF.

25 SpyD3r This CTF was really Good

25 exo I really like the retro material fusion theme. Also a great CTF

25 Rioru Alright CTF :)

25 Pyhscript this ctf finally made me watch Hackers, 10/10 (or 25/25 :D)

25 Blakfist Was a nice little CTF.

16 Kr1s I looked only at crypto problems and they were fun, but important typo in madlog (g vs. q) that wasn't fixed and hint for qproximity that wa

25 dapolinario Great CTF

25 F20z3m It is fun and fantastic.

25 bonaff Great challange, with not-so-trivial problems

25 abiondo Nice CTF. Great challenges, well organized.

25 sts very good ctf

25 aswinmguptha Good one!

25 r00tus3r Nice CTF

25 hiww Good

25 s0rc3r3r Nice Crypto Challenges

25 jkrshnmenon Really nice ctf. Would've loved to see the authors online for a bit longer

25 P4R54 good ctf

25 smaury Good and unique challenges. Enjoyed jail series and web ones.

24 _bl4de Good CTF

25 kaydoubleu Diverse challenges. Good variety of difficulty. Cool theme (Win98(?) Style ^^). Nice CTF :)

25 kmkz Funny ctf

25 chaker Really enjoyed the crypto challenges

25 logray fun challenges

25 gkrishna All the challenges were equally good, no unnecessary guessable tasks and the organisers were really good.

25 TMT +1

25 ZetaTwo Nice CTF, the point worths were a little mis-judged but still great challs.

25 factoreal Nice CTF, nice tasks, nice scoreboard, nice orgs ...