Voting finishes at: Nov. 17, 2017, 7 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 milkchoco b

25 defunded fun

25 limit13 Good CTF

25 harrier good challenge :)

25 luncasuvictor Crypto was awesome!

25 @sl very nice CTF

25 clod Challenges were intriguing and much fun!

25 hdt good pwn and crypto

25 cebrusfs It's high quality CTF. Sorry for truncating and s/worse/worth. :)

25 cebrusfs Great challenges and no guessing. No difficult for web challenge. Sadly, I can only vote for 25. In my mind, it worse much higher. It's high

20 MrTaharAmine Nice Competition

25 slenderestman Fun crypto; during CSAW tho :(

25 andreafioraldi good

25 dp1 Very nice challenges

25 Angelboy Nice challenges

25 lerdsuwa Nice set of challenges.

25 Ne0 Great CTF,next time in weekend plz:)

25 felix-hellman Good

25 Lays good

25 ZUHXS good pwns

25 zhsh Good crypto.

25 chq-matteo loved the crypto challenges, the organizers were very easy to reach out on irc

25 chq-matteo loved the crypto challenges

25 lionaneesh Excellent challenges. Needed more pwn :P

25 aziei interesting challenges

25 Orange Excellent, especially web challenges!

25 david942j Good pwns, but in weekdays

25 bruce30262 good