Voting finishes at: Dec. 11, 2017, 5 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 F20z3m Challenge problem!

15 CodeMaxx Too much guessing. Reversing shouldn't be just crypto. Admins were responsive.

25 ShrewkRoot funny ctf

23 hiww A little fun. But, I don't like guessing.

13 tarkiz some of the challenges were weird and the hints were really useless, but there were some fun aspects as well

10 zeroload Could be better. Most challange are about guessing.

1 aabliscamden Guess The Flag...

25 K4L1 Very cool CTF, nice challs, i liked this difficulty :) 100/100 nice administration

25 lolstorm92 Most challenges were about guessing, CTF should be about security not about some guessing games or google searching questions... I will stil

25 mvalle Cool, although too much guessing.

20 spooks very good and nice

7 spooks Could be better, most challenges' difficulty was actually understanding what the challenge was, but the admins were helpful and seriously, f

20 whoisroot Fun to play, but the amount of guessing was unbelievable :/ Good thing the admins gave a lot of tips on IRC when asked :)

10 The-mit most of the challanges required too much guessing. the challange was mostly crypto hidden in other categories. we did learn new things and

21 BZHugs Nice ctf, lot of challenges :)

13 VirusFriendly Hints were worthless. I felt like in a few challenges, I solved the difficult problem, but didn't get the flag due to some gimmick.

12 g30l4d0 There were good challenges, but most of it was just guessing

25 slenderestman Challenges are about security, most are not guessing, joys, tricks, troll, etc... A lot of challenges are unbroken or available... Challen

21 Killua Too many tasks about RSA, but funny

14 Pyhscript it was fun but noraj isn't completely wrong either

25 berdoezt nice one, love the reversing chall

20 @MrTaharAmine It was nice

25 kazkiti Nice CTF

25 draj I liked but too much guessing. Try to improve in next editions.

25 SnakeTomahawk Great Challenges!

15 g0d3l GG, A lot of guessing.

25 alissonb Great CTF for new players! Some challenges were really cool

1 noraj Challenges are not about security, most are guessing, joys, tricks, troll, etc... A lot of challenges are broken or unavailable... Challen

25 dapolinario Great CTF

15 SIben Amusing CTF but some challenges were down a long time.

14 ninjailbreak nice ctf for new players

25 hanugra Nice CTF

18 kataryniarz Some challenges seemed arbitrary, but overall positive impression.

25 sornram9254 nice