Voting finishes at: Feb. 17, 2018, 3:30 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


1 drwho123 overrated ctf

1 BenJohn15506939 poor challenges

1 sg004 Overrated by teams. Challenges not very good. Full review:

1 Dr0g0 very boring

2 lakshmi Mediocre challenges

1 hariregi123 it was average and over rated.

25 draj good reverse

1 t34m1event0 ctf had very mediocre challenges, or challenges that only involved guessing

1 v4l The CTF was quite boring .

1 aronhank I would rate this ctf at 10. Since many have voted it as 25 I would give it 1 to offset it.

25 ShrewkRoot Cool CTF

5 s0rc3r3r Overrated and hence reducing my weightage, zero quality challenges especially rev/crypto/web, full review:

2 0palash0 Poor question

1 night_f0x The current voting system is a big joke. Teams that come on the top always give maximum points. Examples are 3DSCTF(2017), BreakIn CTF(2018)

10 s0rc3r3r overrated by teams, zero quality challenges especially crypto/web/rev(guessing challs). Full review:

20 Tok1omonster awesome

25 F20z3m Awesome Challenge :)

10 Fl0k1 nice

25 vitmalkin entertaining

25 andreafioraldi nice

25 jcfg acessible and fun

25 alex700 good

25 DeathKan Good Game

25 brainrecursion nice CTF

25 andreafioraldi nice

25 noras Nice one

25 nils not perfect but good

4 t_r3x The Pwn and RE challenges were quite bad. A lot of guessing was involved.

25 tenflo Cool CTF

25 gr33n5h4d0w '

15 terjanq Web tasks terrible, some crypto enjoiyable though. But there wasn't too much for me since I do WEB mostly

25 shishirjindal .

25 dapolinario Great CTF

25 -Beta- good ctf

6 gkrishna very nice :)

25 shishirjindal .

25 stone Nice job.

20 _bl4de Good one! Interesting challenges

25 konata Cool ctf

25 y12uN Funny but a little bit eaay Crypto challenges.

25 pedroysb worth 25