Voting finishes at: March 19, 2018, 1 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 scs Good

25 fsociety Nice CTF

25 sea0breeze binary challs were really awesome and impressive, though one ppc chall was not designed very well.

25 pyon787 Great!

25 ZUHXS excellent ctf event, challenging pwnable

25 megumish cool

25 diofeher Top tier, great CTF!

25 pzyc0 Top tier, great and hard CTF

25 ma_nu learn much from misc and crypto in N1CTF

25 bteam Awesome and challenging CTF !!!

25 bookgin It's definitely one of the hardest CTFs.

25 SnakeTomahawk Nice!

25 ragulbalaji Good

25 dls Extremely tricky CTF, learnt lots and it deserves high points.

24 dp1 Nice tasks. PoW was tedious though, I can't see why a simple rate limiting wasn't used instead

25 KillyP Extremely hard ctf. Deserves max points!

25 rkmylo very challenging tasks, definitely deserves more than 25 points

10 kdr Some tasks were fun and challenging. However, PPC tasks that have nothing to do with IT security, bugs, and cancerous proof of work challeng

25 Syngard Great CTF

25 sherl0ck Excellent CTF. Had load's of fun playing this. Deserve's around 50 point's IMO.

25 s0rc3r3r Nice challenges :) Definitely deserves more than 25

25 shishirjindal Awesome Challenges

25 romanking Nice pwns, Glad to see author's writeups also ;) . Waiting for the linux kernel one :+1:

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 cptshao Top level ctf!

25 feignix would've voted higher if i could

25 konata Pwn challs were pretty awesome

25 FADEC0D3 Fun & Challenging CTF

25 how2hack fun

25 sces60107 Interesting CTF with impressive Chanllenges

25 Atum nice ctf, very impressive.

25 y12uN worth more than 25.

25 adi19982010 nice ctf

25 scs Good!

25 Pharisaeus Top tier, really hard CTF.

25 Hcamael Good

25 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 Good CTF

25 milkchoco it deserves at least 50 pts I think