Voting finishes at: May 21, 2018, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


70 Riatre There were some really good challenges but also too much proof of work (both literal and mental).

84 jack2 Not bad

100 uafio I only worked on a couple of pwns and I liked all of them. Great job :clap:

100 JinBlack It was great.

100 0xbb See my post: If shit CTFs are 60 then this DEF Con is 100+ @ctftime please make the rating blind?

40 hama some challenges is good but there were guessing challenges...

60 awe Some great tasks, but also too much guessing and PoW

50 Redford Mixed feelings, more pain than fun. See my post on the CTF page (

50 N4NU OOO should have opened BkP CTF instead of Guessing CTF

50 Lays -50 for guessing

35 shiki7 Some challenges were fun and challenging, but the others required guessing & brute-forcing obviously violates your "philosophy" thing.

50 david942j half of challenges need guessing

40 Staubfinger For next year: Dont release challenges if you already know they‘re shit. Saves lots of kittens out there. Other than that: Creative Challs.

40 niklasb Weird mix between really good and hilariously guessy challenges

52 vient nice

100 giosch Great challenges, very rewarding

100 Fish Great CTF with challenging challs and awesome organization. Love it. DEFCON is not for losers. If you are a coward, don’t play.

10 _2can Never before have I worked on so many State-of-the-art, Intellectually Rewarding Challenges. Clearly a solid 10 out of 10.

65 l4w_io some good some bad

100 F20z3m It's very hard and cool challenge.

60 ddaa too many guessing challenges

68 daniellimws Awesome ctf. Displays the quality of what a defcon ctf quals should have, while still giving beginners a chance to do something.

100 zoolander Probably the best Defcon qualifier ever held

30 Pharisaeus Lack of variety and some really tedious/stupid/guessy challenges. Very disappointing. There are far better CTFs than this.