Voting finishes at: July 29, 2018, 9 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


35 nevivurn Really interesting challenges.

29 WGH Nice challenges, but no IRC channel.

35 guest very good organizations, i like very much, that you gave us grades for challs LOW , MED, HI, filtration by category, clean and easy UI :) la

35 YuryDo gg, nice ctf

35 VoidMercy Nice ctf

35 erfur Fun ctf

13 _2can Artist's rendition of the load I busted while playing this CTF: 8========D~~~~~~~ JSZone ~~~~~

35 kt I solved some interesting challenges. Infrastructure, organization was great.

35 mans Only looked at the pwnable challenges so cant say much about the other catagories but the pwnable challenges where very fun :)

35 Demoniaque Good ctf, solid tasks, good infrastructure

5 NGG Way too much guessing...

35 dls good ctf, learnt a bunch

35 Pyhscript loved this ctf, fun challenges, nice style on osint :D

35 5unkn0wn nice reverse

35 t_r3x Definitely had fun with playing the CTF.

35 Milkdrop Really good CTF, all problems were difficult, but very fun.

35 Gabies Very nice ctf, finally a ctf where crypto didn't have any rsa problems :)