Voting finishes at: Sept. 23, 2018, 8 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


45 chq-matteo Nice crypto. strings | grep best combo

45 VoidMercy sice

45 M1doriya was good

45 mans Some interesting pwnable challenges but missed hard pwn challenges

45 aaditya_purani Good demanding ctf overall, as always. :)

45 ret2got pretty nice

40 DrDinosaur Pretty good overall, but forensics challenges were terrible

43 crclark96 good challenges, forensics weren't weighted the greatest. great beginner reverse engineering challenges that scaled up nicely, love the misc

35 dantt Some cool web, very poor forensics challenges

45 shreyansh26 An awesome CTF. The quality of the questions was great.

45 jonathanj Great CTF

45 Fish It was a great CTF with some easy challenges (as usual) and some quite cool ones.

45 jkrshnmenon CTF has improved a lot since last year. This should keep getting better.

45 adi1998.2010

45 TheEmperors Cool CTF with many tasks in 2 days, this is what we need. Adn almost tasks are medium and hard

45 zixcoolx hard ctf

45 jack2 Pretty good ctf

45 iamalsaher Super awesome CTF

45 alissonb Some hard and cool challenges! Good CTF

45 adrianoribeiro Good

40 TheLaluka Hard and medium challenges, good overall ! :)

45 cts Generally good challenges, but oftentimes very guessy requiring hint to solve fully

45 DTLinh ASM is for beginner, fun, but the difficulty increase pretty quick :)

35 sigttou very nicely balanced, some hard challenges.

40 rebirthwyw web is not for beginner OK!!!!!!