Voting finishes at: Aug. 4, 2018, 7 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 M0urn3r Good

25 x0r19x91 Good

25 alibaa Good ctf

25 kara71 Good stuff, but lacked some categories

25 Andeton Good ctf

25 K4L1 Excelent CTF

25 SnakeTomahawk Very nice CTF!

25 Ori0n__ good ctf !

25 dapolinario Good CTF!

25 erfur a smooth ctf experience

25 tenflo A good one

22 SpyD3r Okay CTF, but need to be Motivated

25 terjanq Good ctf, no problems with infrastructure

25 likcoras Crypto challenges were fun.

25 adrianoribeiro Good CTF

14 jowabels Good ctf, but vague challenge instructions. Usually given a link or binary only and no further question or information given

25 stankc Had fun, good chals.

25 mans Amazing CTF espcially for being the first time organising a CTF. Loved the pwnable challenges

25 y12uN focus on foundation solidating

20 littlewho Great experience overall, but there were few unintended vulns and errors. Good job for organizers anyway!

25 maro

18 nghiadt1098 Too much great pwn and forensics chal, quite hard to get high score in 18 hours.