Voting finishes at: Sept. 15, 2018, 5 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 mtoups enjoyable and challenging

25 n3on Good, difficult challenges that made for an exciting CTF

25 daft Very fun with good challenges

25 otoldman wonderful ctf!

25 Idang1410 Cool ctf

25 XxcoralloxX cool

25 Segmentation__Fault great ctf

25 AlenK123 it was OK i guess

25 KKaP-t This was very much a CTF challange and not a hacking/cybersecurity challange. A lot of the challanges were unrealistic but showed a worst ca

25 b3y0nd3r Pretty interesting challenges!!

25 1eArner nice challenges

25 Mr_M33533K5 Really nice CTF

25 Mr_M33533K5 Really nice CTF ????

15 4uuu_Nya good

15 peppermint OK

15 DF-11A good game

25 m4st3rrul3z it was so fun

25 Segmentation__Fault such a great ctf

25 Idang1410 It was fun

12 noraj Not realist enough, too much troll and guessing.

25 SnakeTomahawk Awesome CTF.

25 JLC good game

25 x0r19x91 Nice

25 x0r19x91 Nice

25 Rodbert Cool challenges

17 jack2 twas okay

10 kataryniarz Too much guessing.

25 alissonb Great event! A lot of hard and fun tasks

25 yonlif Very nice CTF

25 SpyD3r Good CTF, Difficulty level is from low to hard, Had fun

25 KKaP-t Some challanges we're more taunting than helpful but it helped develop the correct mindset for searching for problems although at times unre

20 OAlienO great

25 lolblat Really nice challenges

25 w1z4rd Good challenges

25 t_r3x Nice CTF. good amount of challenges. Too many misc challenges though. Had fun.

21 hawkcurry Great chals and much learning, but some chals are too guessy

25 ar33zy Great chals

25 y12uN great crypto challenge

25 cts good

25 cts high vote so i can get more points Lol

25 K4L1 Nice CTF! Great challs

25 n0ps13d Great CTF! The pwn challenges were really fun!

25 maro I didn't see any guessing tasks, the CTF was great and there was orginal tasks ! thanks to orga for their efforts !

20 AlenK123 they really put some hard work into this but the clues where a bit lacking

20 ar1k good

15 morbyosef Nice.

22 k0mish Great CTF! Although less guess oriented challenges would be great :)

8 noraj Not realist enough, too much troll and guessing.

25 adi1998.2010

25 eLoopWoo The competition was excellent, the atmosphere was good and the challenges were great! I look forward to attending the next events as well.

25 dm0n After speaking with the creators, I misunderstood some of the challenges. There was no guessing. I'll also add that it was a great event wit

25 VoidMercy dank

25 ret2got Nice

25 adrianoribeiro Great CTF!

25 XxcoralloxX Nice

21 YashitM Good CTF. Unique challenges. Would've appreciated better maintenance over the web questions.

21 dm0n Have less guessing challenges ("Forensics") next year :)

20 Gabies A cool ctf, interesting challs overall but since crypto was so easy I can't give it maximum

25 neptunia fine

25 Fox2Stronk A well-organized CTF with fun challenges, hoping to participate in the event next year aswell :)

25 shrimpgo-fs Great CTF! All of challengs were awesome!

25 kauedg Great event!

25 thxsena Great ctf

25 umutoztunc Cool challenges

20 mr96 Some standard crypto, but not too bad ctf

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 FADEC0D3 Fun Python challenges!

25 jossh Awesome ctf, some tech issues .

17 jossh Awesome ctf, some tech issues .

13 gnx A lot of guessing and tech issues (web).