Voting ended at: Nov. 17, 2018, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 75.21 / 100.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


11 Jackyxty Awesome game as DEF CON CTF pre-qualifier

11 Azure Awesome

100 Solembumm Awesome event

90 siccegge Amazingly stable, Nice spread of services

60 paulch Super simple vulns are killing me. The only binary service was broken. Why do you even have to take the risk making such service????????

30 Pharisaeus Checker broke for us, costing lots of points. Also extremely imbalanced - scoring the first exploit literally wins you the whole game

97 manf Some problems with checkers, but had a lot of fun

100 liqpap

100 maoam Need more DoS

100 tono Great Fun, as always.

100 AetherEternity Awesome A/D

90 MrPrototype n1c3 s3rv1c3s. 1337 3v3nt

100 johnnovikov0 Best online AD CTF

95 alb1or1x thrilling battle

100 bitwave awesome CTF. Thank you very much

95 jonasbb Some problems in checkers and DoS in services, otherwise stable. Well organized CTF.

90 pomo_mondreganto a bit unstable system

80 liqpap

100 0xZAQ Fun and awesome

100 Ror_schach Cool ctf

100 yor Fun and action-packed

95 kcotsneb Some hiccups with checkers, bit of weird services, still my favorite CTF

15 pixelindigo unstable checkers, boring services

15 n0n3m4 Gets more unrealistic with each contest. Organization team seems to consider this a feature, so the only thing we can do is voting here.

100 cluosh Fun, as always

100 vient zajebisty ctf