Voting finishes at: Feb. 2, 2019, 4 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 glfms Great CTF!

25 konata Totally worth playing it

25 bofheaded good one

25 h0n3yc4k3 thx

15 cxzaqwed -5 for the short duration of the event and -5 for the initial problems.

15 zsemi02 Great CTF

25 mnb3000 Awesome CTF

20 s0rc3r3r -5 for terrible guessing in crypto challenges

25 jconnolly2016 thx

25 flawwan Nice CTF! Learnt a lot

25 happysox Great CTF.

25 a0xnirudh Really nice CTF with some very good challenges. !

25 littlewho bahoi sare de pe pod

25 factoreal good CTF, want to see more cryptos

25 KosBeg Amazing CTF!

25 3la2kb Great CTF

23 s14ve Awesome CTF with creative challenges!

25 D4r3_D3V1L Great ctf with good challenges

25 Gabies I really enjoyed playing this CTF. A bit too much windows binaries for my taste though

25 fm3ssias Awesome CTF, had some greats experiences!

25 SoulTaku Amazing CTF, had lots of fun!

25 Milkdrop Really fun CTF! <3

25 juwilie good ctf

25 moraes Great ctf with good challenges

25 Sud0_u53r Good challenges

25 Sud0_u53r Super CTF

23 trupples Awesome challenges! Uptime could've been slightly better

25 adrian Nice CTF

20 S1r1u5 Good challenges

25 D4r7h_V4d3r great challenges

25 adragos Great ctf

25 X0r_D3v1L Good challenges.

25 arty-hlr Nice CTF!

11 arty-hlr Nice CTF!

25 F0uCan Pudding

25 D1r3-Wolf Nice

25 n4v5_n41n4 Awesome standerd

25 CuriV That was a cool CTF event