Voting finishes at: April 29, 2019, 6 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


92 rend Good Game

90 wanxineli OK CTF

35 ray not so good

20 abdel need to improve some categories like pwnable

92 Agathe belle CTF, mais très difficile

60 Cutwow475 Eh............................

90 Shabi very difficult CTF, interesting and fun

88 yagama Unbalanced challenges, hard and hard, but fun, thanks to orgs, improve pwn tasks(!)

85 eldad Interesting challenges, but some broken and re-uploaded twice! awesome crypto tasks

92 @MrTaharAmine Average CTF

92 shelly Maayong dula

87 jsn.bourne There were some issues! but as a whole, good CTF with good challs.

92 judykirkham2016 OK CTF

90 ezraa.price good reverse challenge, very hard

65 t_r3x Fun due to the number of challenges. Need to improve quality.

14 FeDEX disappointed

49 mr_goron good

92 matta was fun


1 0n3m4ns4rmy Very bad and boring pwnables. (Dont actually think it was as bad for 1 points but Im just compensating for the people voting 92)

92 nitrow Nice crypto challs

50 s0rc3r3r Nice crypto challs, pwns not for a 60 rated CTF (babyvm should've been released earlier), decent organisation and good server uptime

50 s0rc3r3r Nice crypto challs, pwns not for a 60 rated CTF, decent organisation and good server uptime

37 SpyD3r ... And the organizers were not active on irc. Overall Okay CTF.

37 SpyD3r The challenges were not the level of 60 pointer CTFs.

92 mirsaman Good

20 mathboy7 Bad CTF.

92 moeinfatehi really good

38 dongtran_ Unprofessional!!

92 aaditya_purani It was okay.

92 page2me OK

92 page2me good

92 a1exdandy zajebiste

55 stuxn3t Well organised. Expected good level forensic challenges. Some involved a good amount of guessing.

70 chung96vn Everything is okie except a few web and pwnable challenge. =]]

70 nhiephon This real world is always like a schrodinger's box, we have to guess what's going on.

35 M0urn3r Not good & Not bad

40 sherl0ck Nice CTF but pwn tasks weren't for a 60 rated CTF.The only pwn that was a bit creative was released near end giving us very less waking time

60 Mem2019 otherwise it would be guessy, especially when address in got table cannot be leaked, and also hard challenge like baby VM should be released

60 Mem2019 The challenges are not so bad, although some challenges are not so innovative; but `libc` of pwnable challenges should be given otherwise it

92 concolicC Comparing to ASIS Finals it could be better.

92 jlxip Awesome and mostly hard CTF. Really original challenges. I had a good time. The admins were also very reachable.

74 mr_goron good

60 gkrishna Nice

92 alfink good CTFs

92 TommyWhite good CTFs

92 aventador good CTFs

92 aventador good CTFs

20 hama not good CTF

40 hama not bad CTF