Voting finishes at: April 21, 2019, 9 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


90 ddaa one of the best CTF. -10 for service SLA and unintended solution.

95 s0rc3r3r Awesome CTF- fun and difficult challenges! -5 for unbalanced challenge points and downtime

100 mebeim Challenging and interesting CTF

95 negasora fun, very difficult ctf

90 borysp Awesome ctf, but points on some of the challs were heavily unbalanced (dynamic scoring would fix that, i guess)

85 v01d Great CTF with interesting challenges, but some broken and reuploaded twice (!).

80 terjanq Unbalanced categories. More webs appreciated next time.

100 jonasbb Fun CTF, well managed, interesting and diverse tasks.

100 Isopach Hard and fun

100 gnx Great!

100 alfink Fun CTF

93 sin9yt Top Quality CTF like always