Voting finishes at: March 18, 2019, 1 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


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25 defund nice

25 kevlar a lot of fun!

25 tenflo Nice

25 Z0R1G7 accd

25 noraj great challenges, realistic and original

25 t_r3x Fun CTF.. Maybe rethink the scoring system next time.

25 Gaspare nice, nice, baby ah

25 page2me ok

25 page2me good

25 devploit Was nice

25 Weastie My team did well so I want more points

25 codacker Really awesome

25 trupples liked the challenges. Uptime was fine also

25 Milkdrop Neato

25 hak1mlukha Good challenges

25 poortho Mid level ctf with high quality challenges. Very few guessy chals (at least the ones I did).

25 adragos Really nice web challs

25 captainGeech The CTF had lots of good challenges, and was well run (with the exception of some infrastructure issues).

25 Ozan It was nice CTF, we had fun despite server issues.

25 yakuh1t0 :)

25 danielcues Wish i had more time to play it

25 yakuh1t0 :)

25 Z0R1G7 1337133713371337

25 hgarrereyn Interesting challenges

25 shpik Fun

23 konata Challenges were really great (I was doing only pwn), but problems with a server were very palpable

23 s0rc3r3r Good challenges, -2 for server issues