Voting finishes at: May 20, 2019, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


40 CCubed Very difficult

88 ryen pwn it up

88 Y311J Awesome!

80 nsr Overall pretty awesome quality, progressive ideas, only a couple of questionable challenges (such as puzzle_redacted, return_to_shellql.

88 saru difficult problems even it is speedrun.

44 theKidOfArcrania meh.... pwns were ok, but speedruns were frustrating as they disproportionately benefited large teams

88 vladvis great challs, but there were several issues: return_to_shellql and bad tagging (e.g. wasm reverse had pwn tag)

87 bookgin return_to_shellql is totally screwed up.......

44 felli0t pwn all day long

88 nosurf Difficult, liked the concept of speedruns though not enough variation

88 @MrTaharAmine !!!

88 Aqcurate Nice pwn challenges.

88 r3dey3 Considering this is specifically a qualifier for an attack/defense ctf, the amount of pwn is awesome

88 unlimitedx45 hardcore but I think that the challenges could be better classified in terms of categories

30 Ariana1729 web was just sad, crypto was quite a lot of reversing and bruteforce, kinda sad. Speedrun kinda would have benefited bigger teams imo, more

88 fpasswd Very cool challenges. It'd be nice if there were more challenges other than RE and pwn.

88 gnx Great CTF!

85 MrSpecterist Challenging...

88 mr_goron great

52 ret2jazzy Not bad

50 ScepticCtf Liked the pwning challenges that I was involved in except for some basic mistakes like removing old download on challenge update

75 t1016d Nice, but could be better if there's more non-binary tasks.

47 niklasb Pwns & crypto that I looked at were interesting except 1. Could use more math+testing & less brute force. Heard some horror stories from tea

50 niklasb Pwns & crypto that I looked at were interesting with 1 exception. Could use more math+testing & less brute force. Heard some horror stories

88 Fish Great challenges, but the early ones were too hard :< Also, please stop labeling random challenges as "reversing".

25 maro Lack of variety, not bad overall

88 nu117r4c3

70 vient biased towards binary stuff but the quality of those is astonishing

88 gkrishna Good

83 Boschko pwn pwn pwn pwn

30 NicolaiS Too many pwn challenges. Only a single crypto and web challenge.

85 vdarth373

42 Staubfinger For the future please forget about "Web" and just make more pwn and rev - because the former is clearly not OOO's forte. Just leave it out.

88 nmbr_7 Good

88 poiko Very interesting and challenging tasks.

88 alfink Some issues (shellql, ooops-captcha); very hard; liked the speedrun idea, but 5 points is not rewarding enough

88 Mem2019 very challenging

20 thshadow It was challenging this year.

1 xtrm0 .

25 0xZ3V5 Very interesting and hard

25 poiko Very interesting and challenging tasks.

25 zajtarn 95% pwn/reversing. Would be fun to see more of other categories

1 terjanq Should be renamed to PWN CTF. Almost no other challs than pwn... Even other categories required either RE or PWN. Tasks changed during ctf.