Voting finishes at: May 5, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 Black-Hole Too many guessing after challenges were solved

25 andreafioraldi 25 for ctftime points, real rate -1 cause is a total shit

21 QwQw interesting

1 konata no pwn

25 dp1 gut

25 rop2bash good challenges

24 dp1 gut

25 cristian-richie .

25 alfink Fun CTF

23 stankc Had fun...

20 ubnix Some scoreboard issues

25 x0r19x91 Okay. Some challenges were WORST

18 mrkrhy Awesome Challenges !!

25 g3chantr nice

25 matteojug Too much guessing

25 n0b0dy had to fix some of the challenges for them so I guess extra points

2 face0xff few challenges and very unbalanced categories, many uninteresting challenges, guessing, no scoreboard/solves, ...

25 hak1mlukha Nice challenges

21 Kl4u5 good

17 dwang Challenges could be better

25 warlock_rootx really nice

25 Rikirin Interesting

25 DrStache Interesting CTF

25 0xScie Good

25 Z0R1G7 not bad

20 hghhgghhg good ctf

25 anticlockwise BEST CTF EVER

1 myrdyr Guessing challenges. Unreachable admin in muted telegram channel. Flags not accepted, and CTFd config bad. No scoreboard(!) or solve count.

15 cristian-richie .