Voting finishes at: May 2, 2019, midnight

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 noraj good mid-level ctf

34 slopey112 fun

20 williamchand pretty fun but i have no time to do all

25 Eppooo Fun

34 warlock_rootx nice

34 Vermillion Really fun challenges, challenging, learned a lot, paper series was great

34 umutoztunc Not that hard but fun challenges

29 Kl4u5 Good

29 GDASL Super fun ctf, especially the MISC part

34 progfay its very fun!!!

34 dwang Interesting challenges

20 CCubed Very hard CTF, but enjoyable

34 alfink Fun CTF

34 NicolaiS A fun CTF with many different challenges

34 1p4nm4n hard ctf

32 Zielony Good one and well prepared

34 slopey112 Very fun and challenging

34 Ozan Nice CTF!

34 page2me good

34 page2me OK

33 zavinator Spectacular CTF. Lots of interesting challs for beginners and intermediates and a few harder challs. The infrastructure could be better (-1

34 2phi It was a good one ;). Interesting challenges

34 rohs Fun challenges

33 avlidienbrunn Fun challenges overall. -1 for downtime and too long running time

34 jlxip Fun challenges, varying in difficulty. Some of them were really original.

34 face0xff good difficulty spread, fun challenges

27 chq-matteo A lot of interesting challenges

10 chq-matteo A lot of interesting challenges

18 terjanq Tasks were fine. We've been deceived that all tasks will be released at once, then some were added mid-week. Servers worked like half time.

34 maro Recommended as entry/intermediate level CTF