Voting finishes at: May 26, 2019, 6 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


21 myst3r10 good

27 maritio_o Cool CTF. A shame it was running at the same time as RCTF.

35 page2me OK

35 page2me good

22 CCubed servers were very slow, otherwise, good challs

34 streaker_rules Nice CTF

35 saru They provide problem docker files after CTF. I really like it.

30 zavinator Good CTF, please setup the servers for Europe in time

30 ptr-yudai really good challs but pretty poor scoreserver. hope it'll be improved next time :)

35 shpik nice challs!

35 graneed good challs

35 d3npa A set of well-crafted, challenging yet fun problems

35 pyon787 very good challs

35 splitline chals are fun

35 terjanq For the next year, It'd be nice if you considered releasing some servers in Europe because they delay was significant.

35 terjanq Good challenges

35 smaury Nice CTF!

35 ryen good stuff

35 bintay great ctf!

35 morishitamakoto0330 amazing CTF

35 ctpoma I Enjoyed CTF. thx.

35 sqrtrev Funny!

18 morishitamakoto0330 amazing CTF