Voting finishes at: June 30, 2019, 11:59 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


89 manf Pretty nice challenges, some were a little guessy. Crypto was too easy (reality was OK as easy-medium, the rest was pretty much trivial).

100 danielchatfield Great CTF

100 sergey High quality problems with a good degree of ambiguity

85 Mem2019 noice pwnable challs, but there are indeed some guessy challenges

100 Mem2019 noice pwnable challs

100 0ssigeno Great CTF

50 harrier for the crypto guessy experience.

100 kowu The stuff I did was really nice. Vote is for the challenges I worked on.

75 Riatre Raising points after going through remaining challenges which I didn't have time to check during the game. My comments below still holds.

85 bobi Fairly good challenge quality, 2018's version was a bit more well finished.

100 paulch pwns and sandbox challenges were amazing. don't know anything about guessing and crypto. fair 100 imo. ♥

50 bincat 100 for pwn and sandbox chals, -50 for guessing

45 shift_crops Great GTF!

100 Lopierdis By far one of the best CTF there is, very fun challenges and distinctive challenges, not enough crypto, some were a bit guessy like the remo

100 kauzu Great CTF! Cant wait for 2020 gPhotos was a great iprovement of rubenscube from midnightsunCTF quals.

100 mtdcr Best CTF so far. Should definitely keep the hardware category.

100 lionaneesh Good ctf but needed some more pwns :D

45 maro Good CTF ! Thanks !

35 hotab Some challs were good. Some were pure guessing.

100 0xd13a For a "mere mortal" like me this was a great CTF :)

100 warlock_rootx nice ctf

100 sleepunderflow Liked all the challenges. Interesting ctf

25 kdr If you compare it to the previous year, this time it was a surprisingly low quality CTF

100 kt I liked all the challenges I worked with. Especially Pastetastic, probably because I almost first blooded & it was really clever/tricky.

40 Riatre Mixed feelings. There were lots of really good challenges, but there were also lots of (unnecessarily) guessing challenges...

100 gnx Nice.

1 neexemil We took 11th place so I'm angry. Also, the whole "crypto" category was an ultimate failure.

40 mystiz Very guessy. Was expecting more and better crypto challenges.

100 vient binary stuff was perfect, dunno anything about guessing mentioned below

25 hellman Too much guessing, I think this is disrespectful to players. Also too few crypto..

50 umanghere Too much guesswork.

30 Pharisaeus GCTF == GuessCTF. Lots of unclear challenges where the hardest part is to figure out what the author had in mind. I didn't enjoy it at all.

34 stypr Good sets of challenges, but there were too many guessing challenges which made me annoying to solve them

79 Sp4c3sh1p Challenges are awesome and very interesting but I would solve couple of more challenges of the description is more understandable to me